Minutes 7th June 2016

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting was held at Moreton-on-Lugg Village Hall on Tuesday 7th June 2016


The Chairman welcomed those present to the Parish Council.

Councillors: Cllr. P. Spong (Vice-Chairman); Cllr. C. Boden; Cllr B Jackson
Cllr S Browne; Cllr D Ellis; Cllr M. Hackeson-Poole;

Parish Clerk: Lesley Hay. Six members of the public were present. Mr Mike Kerrigan (Village Hall representative) Ms Karla Johnson – Senior Planning Officer
1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – Cllr Kim Cooper; Cllr N Lindsay; Ward Cllr Guthrie
2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST AND WRITTEN APPLICATIONS FOR DISPENSATIONS by Parish Councillors – Cllr Pat Spong declared an interest in Play Park.
3. CO-OPTION OF NEW PARISH COUNCILLOR – although the notice had now been on the Notice Board for the required length of time, no one had put their name forward to be co-opted on to the Council.
Resolved: Clerk will re- advertise the vacancy
There was no representative at the meeting. However, in a recent newsletter which had been circulated to Councillors no local incidents had been reported.
5. NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN/RURAL SITE ALLOCATION (DPD) Senior Planning Officer Karla Johnson – gave a presentation on the Neighbourhood Plan /Development Plan Document. Her overhead projection notes are available on line and are attached in paper form to these minutes (as a separate document). A discussion as to which plan is more suited to Moreton will be discussed at the next Parish Council Meeting and Ms Johnson will be informed of the Parish Council’s preference.
Appeals – update

143769 Appeal Decision: Upper House Farm,

“The appeal is allowed and planning permission is granted for the construction of 6 poultry houses and feed bins, ancillary works, erection of a biomass boiler building and single storey ancillary building, amendments to the existing vehicular access and associated landscaping at Upper House Farm, Moreton-on-Lugg”.

Ref: The Council’s position – I have been advised by officers that they are currently reviewing the Appeal Decision. They will be seeking the advice of a Barrister, who will analyse the legalities of the decision and advise as to whether or not there is a case for a Judicial Review. Indeed, I understand that anyone who took part in the Appeal process would have the ability to progress a Judicial Review if they so wish. However, I have been advised that the cost of a Judicial Review potentially could be exceedingly expensive.

152188 Solar Farm Appeal – Land opposite Aylus Cottages, Auberrow, Written Representations by 5th July 2016

Highways England meeting for County Councillors (A49 North) on 8th June 2016 in Leominster, As Local Ward Member for Moreton on Lugg – I will be raising the following A49 issues/concerns – ongoing Grass Cutting problem, Rubbish, Speeding Traffic, Outcome of Speed Survey.

I took part in the “Beat Surgery” on 25th May 2016 with our Neighbourhood Policing Team.
Issues raised by residents – Dog fouling & Speeding traffic along St. Peter’s Close these matters will be placed on the July Agenda accordingly.

Report by Cllr. Kema Guthrie 5th June 2016

(6.3) OPEN DISCUSSION – with local residents present at meeting.

The white lines at the entrance to the village down to St Andrews Close have faded out.
Resolved: Clerk to ask Ward Cllr Guthrie to bring this to the attention of Highways England at the meeting tomorrow. Clerk will also approach Locality Steward for his opinion on whose responsibility it is to re instate these lines.

A resident asked if an ’air pollution survey’ had recently been undertaken in the parish.

Resolved: Clerk to ask Ward Cllr Guthrie if she has any up to date information on this.

There was general discussion on the speeding along the A49 and it was noted that Ward Cllr Guthrie would be discussing this at the meeting with Highways England due to take place tomorrow.

Ordnance Close – there was general discussion on the current situation regarding access along the private road for the nine proposed houses for which full planning permission has now been granted within the last two weeks.

Cllr Ellis informed those present that the residents who own the private road attended a recent meeting with the developer. There had been no conclusion and the situation remains a private legal issue.

(6.4) Open Session closed.

In the absence of the Treasurer, Mr Mike Kerrigan informed those present that the Village Hall up to date accounts showed a real balance of £2100.00.

Future events: Vintage Village Tea party on Saturday to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday.

Ongoing refurbishment: The gent’s toilets refurbishment is almost complete just the floor covering and some minor plumbing issues still outstanding.. Plans to refurnish the kitchen are in hand but the electrical work has to be completed before further progress.

There was discussion regarding the disabled toilet – requests have been made for the toilet to be moved into a more central position to allow easier wheelchair access. If this is a possibility, it was suggested that two hand rails be installed either side the toilet. Mr Kerrigan agreed and said he would make this a priority if there were funds left after the current refurbishment programmes were completed.

Mr Kerrigan explained to Councillors that the cupola on the roof was rotten and in a dangerous condition – as the roof is about to be completely refurbished – it was unanimously agreed that the cupola should be removed and not replaced.

Mr Kerrigan confirmed that he had been successful in various applications for grants/funding and a total of £51,000 had been achieved/promised.

It had been discussed and agreed at a previous Parish Council Meeting that the £4,500 allowed within the Precept/Budget 2015/16 could be used to support the Tarmac Ltd grant which required a third party 10% contribution of £4037.85.

Resolved: Clerk to write cheque and sign the required documentation. See copy attached to these minutes.

The Chairman proposed a vote of thanks to Mr Kerrigan for all his hard and dedicated work in obtaining these various grants – and it was unanimously agreed that he had done a fantastic job.

8. MINUTES OF PARISH COUNCIL MEETING held on Tuesday 3rd May 2016 had been circulated. These were agreed as a true record, were signed and adopted by the Vice Chairman.

Issues within the Minutes – Clerk confirmed that she had written to Mr Perkins regarding the rubbish behind the fish and chip shop but had received no response and to date the rubbish has not been removed.
Item for discussion on the next agenda.

Clerk confirmed that she had acknowledged the email from a resident regarding the suggestion of car parking spaces in St Peters Close.


(9.1) Update on Tesco Bags of help grant – it has been confirmed that all paper work is in order and that funds should be paid into bank account during early July. Cllr Brown reported that a local Tesco representative is due to present a giant cheque for £10,000 on 28th June which will hopefully promote public awareness of the scheme and good local press coverage.

(9.2) ROSPA inspection has been carried out – no report to date.

Cllr Browne also explained that, despite asking Balfour Beatty, to date the football pitch has not been marked out. Cllr Browne will follow this up.

At the moment, the mole population seems under control in the play area

Cllr S Browne reported that there had been an increase in the amount of vandalism in the Play Park during the last few weeks. This had particularly centred on the football goal posts and nets. Cllr Browne had the supports repaired and strengthened but within a few days they had been damaged again.

It was agreed to get these repaired but if this vandalism is repeated then the nets and supports would be removed.

Cllr Browne explained that he had erected a notice at the entrance to the park together with the offending bent piece of equipment – saying that –

‘If this is your contribution to our park? Better you stay out!

Cllr Browne explained that this was a general notice and not intended to be aimed at any one in particular. The notice had been taken down the following day.

The Chairman then read out a letter from a resident who felt that, by the erecting of this notice, her son had been unfairly accused of this damage and questioning whether he was now banned from using the play park.

There was lengthy discussion regarding this letter and it was agreed that it is impossible/unfair to ban children from using the park without solid evidence which is very hard to substantiate.

There was also considerable discussion regarding the way in which vandalism is best dealt with – by the park warden approaching the offenders and discussing the issues face to face when possible or by contacting the police on 101 and letting them sort out the problem.

Lengthy discussion followed on who should pay for damage – it would be difficult to force residents to pay for damage without concrete proof that their child/children were responsible and if parents refuse to pay for the damage it makes an unfair precedent for those who do pay.

It was proposed by the Chairman that an amount of funding was allocated in the next Budget for repairs to the Play Park as safety was paramount but it should be made clear to those using the park that if pieces of equipment were continually damaged they would not be replaced.

This proposal was seconded and unanimously agreed.

If serious damage happens within the park, the park warden can contact the Clerk and Chairman/Vice Chairman when it is possible to allocate immediate funding for repairs and the matter can be discussed retrospectively at the next meeting.

It was also discussed and agreed that random unofficial notices cannot legally be erected and that an official Parish Council Notice should be commissioned which would be erected at the entrance to the park.

It was acknowledged that this is an increasing on-going issue which is not going to be solved simply by erecting a notice. Children are not going to be seen to ‘grass’ on others and maybe the only deterrent will be the removal of damaged equipment with no replacement.

Resolved: Clerk will approach Locality Steward to find out if other play areas have similar problems – if they have notices and what is the legal/appropriate wording for such a notice. Also can Locality Steward suggest a supplier of such notices?

Resolved: Clerk to acknowledge the resident’s letter and outline the findings/suggestions made by the Parish Council.

10.1 Highways report – Balfour Beatty’s grass cutting programme is available on line. However, they had not even managed to attend on the 1st allocated date but had arrived a week early. It was acknowledged that this made things very difficult for D C Gardening to follow his schedule.
Balfour Beatty’s policy ‘cut and drop’ does leave behind a considerable mess – and D C Gardening is anxious that this is not attributed to his workforce.
There were various areas that Balfour Beatty had missed and these have been mentioned to the Locality Steward who hopefully will pass on this information to the appropriate BB department.
It is hoped that D C Gardening will be in the village this week as these areas are now very overgrown.
Resolved: Clerk to liaise with D C Gardening and Locality Steward.

10.2 Footpath Officer reported all in good order. However, could the entrance to the bridleway be strimmed at the end of the month.

Resolved: Clerk to liaise with D C Gardening


(11.1) The RFO explained the schedule of payments had been circulated and it was agreed to pay as itemised.

Aon UK Ltd Insurance £276.49
A Parry May 2016 invoice £120.00
Lesley Hay May Clerk’s salary £328.00
PAYE Clerk’s May PAYE £82.00
Lesley Hay May Expenses


D C Gardening Lengthsman £48.00
D C Gardening D C Gardening contract £355.20
HALC Audit training Shared with Monkland and Hope £12.00
Tarmac Re The Third Party Contribution £4037.85
Cllr P Spong Village Fete Grant £350.00
Lesley Hay Reimbursement of Monk voucher to Internal Auditor £25.00
Cllr S Browne Maintenance items for Play Park £42.74

(11.2) A grant of £350 towards Village Fete was unanimously agreed.
(11.3) The amended Financial Regulations 2016/17 had been circulated and these were adopted and signed by the chairman. Cllr Browne asked for item 14 – re assets to be added to the next agenda for discussion.

(11.4) Insurance quote and payment – Clerk explained that she had obtained three quotes and that the Aon was still the cheapest – to make sure insurance cover was continuous, a cheque had been raised, signed and posted prior to the meeting.

It is important to be aware that within this insurance policy the play equipment/assets are insurance for £50,000 – so when the new play equipment is installed it will immediately be covered within this policy.

12. PLANNING MATTERS. Cllr Jackson reported that she had done a site visit
to Mr & Mrs Cheneller re their proposed conservatory and could see no reason for the Parish Council to raise any objection.

Resolved: Clerk to inform Planning Dept.

Brook House – as this is a prior planning application – there was nothing the Council felt they should bring to the Planning department’s attention at this time. However, there are issues that need to be discussed when this becomes an official planning application.

The planning permission regarding the solar panels near to Aylus Cottages had been refused but has now gone to appeal.

Resolved: Clerk to write to again to reiterate Moreton on Lugg’s objection to this application.

13. LENGTHSMAN SCHEME / D C Gardening – Balfour Beatty grass cutting
programme had already been discussed.

The Lengthsman work sheet for June to include strimming the bridleway at the end of the month; commencing the weed killing programme as soon as possible.

Enhance Lengthsman scheme – subject to Locality Steward opinion – repair hole in path by Post Office lane and look at ‘uneven’ road surface at the entrance to the village.

Purchase and erect litter bin at Cuckoos Corner.

After a meeting between the Highways England representative; Locality Steward; Cllr Spong and the Clerk – permission had been granted to erect a litter bin at Cuckoos Corner Bus Stop on the understanding that the bin is to be purchased by the Parish Council; will be emptied by Cllr Spong and will be covered in the Parish Council Insurance Policy.

Discussion on the The Beeches – sadly the owner died 18 months ago – the hedge along the road side is now overgrown and will soon be a hazard to the footpath. Cllr Spong agreed to have a word with the postman to see if anyone collects letters etc. In the meantime, Clerk has been asked if it becomes a hazard is Balfour Beatty allowed to trim it back without owner’s permission? Cllr. Jackson has very kindly offered to carry out this work once we have established the legal position.

Resolved: Clerk to liaise with Locality Steward; Cllr Spong to liaise with Postman.

Speeding St Peter’s Close; (KG) Dog fouling (KG)
Close second bank account; (lah) Update in asset value (lah)
Park fence (NL)

15. DATE for next PARISH COUNCIL MEETING – Tuesday 5th July 2016

Signed: Lesley Hay – Parish Clerk

7th June 2016