Minutes 6th September 2016

Minutes of the meeting of Moreton-on-Lugg Parish Council held in Moreton-on-Lugg Village Hall on Tuesday 6th September 2016 at 7.30p.m.

Parish Clerk – Lesley Hay

The Chairman welcomed those present to the Parish Council meeting.

Councillors: Cllr Kim Cooper (Chairman) Cllr. P. Spong (Vice-Chairman) Cllr B Jackson; Cllr S Browne; Cllr M. Hackeson-Poole; Cllr N Lindsay; Cllr C Boden; Cllr D Ellis.
Ward Councillor K Guthrie. Five members of the public.
Mr Dan Guerche – Police Crime Commissioner Community Ambassador.

Parish Clerk: Lesley Hay.
1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – Mr M Kerrigan – Village Hall Chairman
2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST AND WRITTEN APPLICATIONS FOR DISPENSATIONS by Parish Councillors – Cllr Kim Cooper for the Village Hall; Cllr Pat Spong Village Hall and Cllr D Ellis Ordnance Close
There was no up to date Police Report available.

The Chairman welcomed Mr Dan Guerche the newly appointed Police Crime Commissioner Community Ambassador. Mr Guerche introduced himself and explained that, by coincidence, he has been a resident in Moreton on Lugg for the last four years. Mr Guerche outlined his role as Community Ambassador and explained that he was in a position to take forward to a higher level any outstanding issues which necessitated police involvement/action.

A member of the public raised the serious issue of large vehicles parking on the pavements in St Peter’s Close and St Andrews Close. The legality of these parked vehicles was questioned and Ward Councillor Guthrie agreed to clarify the law regarding parking on pavements. It was acknowledged that these vehicles restrict a clear walkway along the pavement and necessitate stepping into the road even those with pushchairs have to negotiate passage via the main road.

Resolved: It was agreed in the first instance that the Chairman would personally approach the residents/ vehicle owners

4. WARD COUNCILLOR’S REPORT – attached to the end of these minutes.

Mr Adrian Parry asked the Parish Council for a financial contribution towards the purchase of a pair of steel capped boots to aid in his work as Litter Warden. It was proposed by the Chairman that Mr Parry should be allocated the sum of £50 towards these boots and Cllr P Spong seconded this proposal.

An email had been received from a resident complaining about the smell from Upper House Poultry Farm together with a complaint regarding amplified music and shouting from the same location.

Ward Councillor Guthrie recommended the resident should contact the Environment Agency direct and the telephone number for members of the public to ring & report any unpleasant smells is as follows: Tel: 03708 506506

With regard to the music/noise – it was explained that the owner of property had visited the closest neighbours explaining that a charity event was being held in aid of the MacMillan Nurses and apologised, in advance, for any inconvenience the music may cause. It was reported that the music ceased at 11.40p.m which was considered to be well within the remit of acceptable.

An email had been received with a request from resident asking if an elder tree now growing alongside a sycamore tree in the Post Office Green area could be cut down. After discussion it was acknowledged that this area belongs to Herefordshire Council and therefore is not the responsibility of the Parish Council.

Resolved: Clerk to write to the resident explaining this and suggesting they contact Herefordshire Council direct.

It was reported that children are walking/dancing on the garage roofs in Cedar Close – these garages are thought to be owned by Stonewater Housing Association – Cllr D Ellis offered to contact the Association and report this very dangerous practice in the hope that they will approach parents to get this stopped asap.

Three councillors showed an interest in attending the Herefordshire Council Planning evening on the 6th October at the Shirehall Hereford.

Resolved: Clerk will inform Anthony Bush and keep Councillors informed.

The chairman closed the Open Session.


In the absence of Mr Kerrigan, Mrs P Taplin read out a detailed letter to the Parish Council outlining the various events associated with the recent/ongoing Village Hall roof repairs. Photographs were passed around to support the report.

This report was discussed at length and, as there was an allocation of £4,500 made within the budget 2016/17 for village hall roof repairs – the Parish Council unanimously agreed that a cheque for £4,200 should be issued (£3500 + £700 VAT) to cover the invoice in relation to the additional itemised issues outlined in the report.

Cllr P. Spong requested that a further advance to the village hall should be considered in the Precept/Budget setting for 2017/18 to cover further improvements to the interior of the village hall.

Cllr Lindsay expressed concern that the newly laid roof tiles looked to be raised in some areas with gaps that might be affected by adverse weather conditions.

Resolved: The Chairman, in his capacity as a Village Hall Committee member, will investigate these concerns in the daylight and before the scaffolding is taken down. It was also noted that there was some internal structural damage caused by the roof repairs and Cllr Kim Cooper will bring this to the attention of the Contractor

A vote of thanks was proposed to Mike Kerrigan for his continued commitment to the project.

It was agreed that these were a true record of the meeting and were unanimously adopted and signed by the Chairman.

CLERK’S UPDATE on matters arising:
(6.1) The Clerk reported that she had spoken with the Agent, Cobb Amos, with regard to the extra rubbish bins; their position and the fly tipping by the fish and chip shop.

Resolved: It was agreed that the Clerk would now itemise in writing the complaints associated with the bins etc.

(6.2) Update on request re Deeds of Park and ownership of the boundary fencing. This was discussed at great length. It was agreed that ownership of the boundary fence was still not clear despite additional maps and information. In view of the lack of deeds and/or land registry it was agreed that it would be in the best interests of the Parish Council to seek legal advice. HALC had recently sent out information about a firm of local solicitors prepared to assist with Parish Council affairs.

Resolved: Clerk will contact HALC in the first instance.

(6.3) Distribution of Leaflet – completed by Village Hall Committee

(6.4) Final receipts from the fete were handed to clerk for accounting purposes.

(7.1) Update on Play Park equipment – There was a lengthy discussion on the two quotes for installing the aerial zip wire and set of swings as funded by the Tesco Bags Grant. It was eventually agreed to accept the Play Quest quote of £10,000 plus VAT (reclaimable by the Parish Council). However, this quote necessitated an annual cost of £150 + VAT to cover warranty. It was generally acknowledged that aerial zip wire could easily be abused and, after considerable discussion, it was unanimously agreed that it would be in the best interests of safety to pay this extra cost in order to have an annual safety certificate issued by the provider.

(7.2) Update Tesco Bag Grant – £7,500 has been received and once the above works have been completed – which should be in early November – the additional £2,500 would be forwarded. The Parish Council had previously agreed to cover this outstanding amount should it be necessary to cover any interim period between settling the invoice and receiving the outstanding amount.

(7.3) Tree quotes – a quote of £295 + Vat from Acer Tree Services had been
received to date – Cllr Browne waiting for second written quote.

(7.4) Basket Ball court repairs – a revised work sheet to be issued to lengthsman.

(7.5) Update on ROSPA inspection repairs – all listed repairs/recommendations
are in the process of being completed.

The Park Warden reported that there had been repeated incidents recently of children under the age of eight years using the park but not being accompanied by a responsible adult. Some of these children were mere toddlers being accompanied by siblings who themselves were under school age. It was discussed and noted that these circumstances were hard to police.

There is a clear Notice at the entrance to the Play Park that indicates that children under the age of 8 are to be accompanied by a responsible adult. It is therefore the responsibility of parents to keep their children safe and not that of the Parish Council and/or Park Warden.

(8.1) Aylus Cottages – the appeal decision to refuse planning permission at Aylus Cottages was acknowledged.

(8.2) Assessment of land for housing – email had been received from the Neighbourhood Planning Officer which indicated that the 2012 document was the most current – this indicated possible areas of land suitable for building and the Chairman said he had approached Mr Richard Perkins who has declared an interest in offering land for housing development.

(8.3) Planning application for Lower House Farm – this application had been received after the agenda had been circulated but due to time restriction of the 22nd September it was agreed it should be discussed. Cllr P Spong reported that there had already been considerable alterations/additions to the existing car port and the sides had been filled in to represent a barn. Cllr Spong proposed that the Parish Council should object to the variation to condition 2 of 140957/F – re alterations to approved carport – and that the Planning Officer should be made aware of the alterations already in place.

Resolved: Clerk to respond to the Planning Application.

Highways report:
(9.1) Update on jetting drain St Andrews Walk – this work has been completed.

(9.2) Gratton waste site meeting – Tuesday 20th Sept. at 4.00 pm
at Sutton St Nicholas Village Hall – Cllr Spong and Cllr Hackeson-Poole
have agreed to attend – agenda was distributed.

(9.3) Footpath Officer’s report – all well at present. The bridleway had some
overgrown damson tree branches but these have been cut back.

Cllr Jackson asked if the Parish Council would consider purchasing a kissing gate out of the remaining P3 scheme for the MU2 footpath. It was agreed to purchase a gate at a cost of £240 and that the PC would make up the difference in cost.

Resolved: Clerk will place the order. To be delivered to Cllr Spong.

(10.1) To consider payment of accounts – schedule of payments had been circulated. All invoices were explained and it was unanimously agreed that these should be paid.

Robert Richards Village hall roof repairs £4,200.00
A Parry – litter picking August 2016 invoice £120.00
Lesley Hay August Clerk’s salary £331.65
PAYE Clerk’s August PAYE £83.00
Lesley Hay August Expenses £46.65
D C Gardening Grass Cutting Contract £237.60
D C Gardening Lengthsman £24.00
Herefordshire Council Play Park Inspection ROSPA £60.72
B Addis Bus shelter Cleaning £25.00
Moreton Village hall Hire of Village Hall for PC meetings x 6 months £120.00
Grant Thornton External Audit £120.00
S. Browne Reimbursement re play park maintenance £17.56

(10.2) Precept/Budget 2017/18 to be discussed on Tuesday 25th October 2016 at
7.30pm in the village hall – Chairman to bring overhead projector.


(11.1) A revised September work sheet – re the basketball court.

(11.2) There was some discussion on the proposed 2nd weed kill spray. It was generally agreed that this would not be beneficial during October as suggested.

Resolved: Clerk to inform D C Gardening but to bring subject back to the next meeting.

(11.3) The condition of the wall by Post Office Green is causing some concern – it was acknowledged that this wall is probably over 100 years old. The Clerk explained that it had been inspected by D C Gardening but he reported any repair was beyond his remit.

Resolved: Clerk will ask Locality Steward for an opinion on ownership and necessary repairs.

It was reported that the cover on the sewage drain near to The Beeches has been damaged and is temporarily covered with a piece of plastic. This is considered to be a hazard.

Resolved: Clerk to liaise with Locality Steward.

(11.3) Overgrown path St Andrews Close – Chairman to liaise – on going.


Boundary fence; Title deeds to Play Park; to consider Contribution to Newsletter and peppercorn rent. Legal advice re deeds etc.

13. DATE for next PARISH COUNCIL MEETING – Tuesday 4th October 2016


Ward Councilor’s Report

Motorcycle Noise

I received a complaint regarding motorcycle noise emanating from the Moreton on Lugg Sewage Works. I spoke to the nearby landowner and I reported the matter to an Environmental Health Officer who advised that he would investigate the issue. It appears that the noise problem may have been resolved. However, I haven’t received an update yet, so I will seek further clarification on the current position and then report back to the Parish Council accordingly.

Government funding reductions – update on changes

Questions were raised locally on the changes/proposals and in response – The Leader offered to possibly attend a future Parish Council meeting to explain in greater detail the background, figures and effects of the changes recently made or proposed.

Heritage Open Days in Herefordshire
Heritage Open Days in Herefordshire runs from Thursday September 8 to Sunday 11, it’s England’s biggest heritage festival that celebrates our history, architecture and culture. Included are a wide range of tours, events and activities that bring local history and culture to life.
Among those sites opening up their doors during the festival will be Herefordshire Council’s Museum Resource and Learning Centre who will be running various events and the Old House Museum will also be opening up its basement. All the open sites in Herefordshire can be found on the Heritage Open Days website or to find out more about the events being held at Herefordshire Council’s Museum Resource and Learning Centre view www.herefordshire.gov.uk/harc/events
Free Cycle Parking for businesses & organisations in Hereford
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Life Cycle UK’s ‘Take A Stand’ scheme helps smaller organisations to install secure cycle parking on their premises.
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Having a safe place for customers to park their bikes, not only supports the use of bicycles in the local area, but allows businesses and organisations to promote their green credentials and reduce cycle theft.
Find out more and apply online at: www.lifecycleuk.org.uk/free-cycle-parking

Update Report by Cllr. Kema Guthrie 6th September 2016