Minutes 6th June 2017

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in Moreton-on-Lugg Village Hall on Tuesday 6th June 2017 at 7.30p.m.


Councillors: Cllr. Cooper (Chairman); Cllr. P. Spong (Vice-Chairman); Cllr. C. Boden;
Cllr V. Javens; Cllr Richard Styles; Cllr B Jackson.

Present: 22 members of the public
Present: Parish Clerk: Lesley Hay. Ward Cllr. K Guthrie

Chairman welcomed those present.

2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST AND WRITTEN APPLICATIONS FOR DISPENSATIONS by Parish Councillors – Cllrs K Cooper and V. Javens signed on behalf of the Village Hall. Cllr R Styles signed on behalf of item 9.3 Moles
3. WARD COUNCILLOR’S REPORT – please see attached
(3.1) OPEN DISCUSSION – No issues were raised
that would not be covered within item 4 – Planning Matters.

(4.1) Amended Planning Application – Ordnance Close – No: 171573

Ward Cllr Guthrie opened the discussion with an explanation of the current position (as per advice from the Planning Officer)
“171573 in lieu of 151315

The applicant has indicted that in the event that they obtain planning permission (171573) they would not implement / take forward the application for the adjacent site – they would only implement one permission. The LPA would seek to ensure that this is the case through a legal agreement (S106) that would be entered into by the Council and the applicant.

Ward Cllr Guthrie also advised on the planning procedure. As the application has attracted an unusually high level of public interest and raises sensitive planning issues, she would be able to make a request for a Redirection of the application to be considered by the Planning and Regulatory Committee.

The Chairman invited those present to express their opinions/objections to this amended planning application but explained that discussion with regard to any other possible developments adjacent to this site and/or in other areas within the village could not legally be discussed by the Parish Council.

Four letters of objection were handed to the Chairman – these were not read out – but will be forwarded to the Planning Officer by the Clerk to be added to those already submitted.

Full and lengthy discussion followed with many items of controversy/objections being discussed. A list, read out by a resident outlining specific points, is filed as an independent document of reference with these minutes.

When there were further comments brought forward by those in attendance, the Chairman explained that he would close the open session but invited those present to stay for the remainder of the meeting.

Open Session Closed

The Parish Council then discussed the issues raised by those present regarding the amended planning application and it was unanimously agreed that the Clerk would write a letter stating the Parish Council’s concerns that the additional usage of the un-adopted Ordnance Close road and the access and egress onto and off the A49 would be dangerous and even possibly life threatening.

It was unanimously agreed that Ward Councillor Guthrie make a request for a Redirection of the application to be considered by the Planning and Regulatory Committee.

After discussion, it was agreed to make an FOI request to the Police for accident data (injury & non-injury accidents) on the A49. Cllr Spong and the Clerk to liaise.

(4.2) 27 St Andrews Close – update on site visit – no objection
(4.3) St Andrews Church – re positioning of oil tank – no objection

(5.1) Public Spaces Protection Order Consultation:
Dog Control – email had been circulated.
Despite an invitation – again, no police representative was in attendance neither
had any recent newsletters been received.

6. VILLAGE HALL REPORT – Cllr V Javens reminded those present that the Village Hall Open Day/Launch and 40th year celebration was to be held on Saturday 10th June 2017. Cllr Javens reported that funding raising events would continue throughout the summer.

Cllr Javens asked the Parish Council if they would consider contributing towards the replacement tables and chairs; new window and door that had recently been purchased. It was discussed and unanimously agreed that these could be funded from the £4,500 set aside in the 2017/18 budget for the Village Hall refurbishment and the clerk was asked to raise the cheque.

The Treasurer of the Village hall provided up-to-date copies of the current accounts sheet and these were circulated.

held on Tuesday 2nd May 2017 were accepted as a true record and it was unanimously agreed that they be adopted and duly signed by the Chairman.

Matters arising or deferred from meeting:
(7.1) Mr Underhills’s letters/emails/responses had been circulated. The Parish Council agreed to fund replacement daffodil bulbs to be planted along the village road in the Autumn – it was hoped some volunteers would come forward to help. Clerk to inform Mr Underhill.

(7,2) Killenchy hedge – it was acknowledged that Barry Garbett had helped with the clearing of vast amounts of hedge cutting and the Parish Council wished to record their appreciation.

(7.3) Notice Boards – the Chairman agreed to take over responsibility for displaying the notices on the Notice Board now that Cllr Hackeson Poole had resigned. Grateful thanks were expressed to Cllr Hackeson Poole for his help with this task during his time as a Parish Councillor.

(7.4) Response to Community Speed Watch volunteers – despite advertising in the newsletter no one had come forward for training.

(8.1) The Resignation of Cllr S Browne – appropriate notices were on the Notice Board and after Friday 9th June the Parish Council would be in a position to co-opt. Sincere thanks were expressed to Cllr S Browne for all his hard and dedicated work, particularly in the Play Park, during his time as a Parish Councillor. The Chairman confirmed a card of thanks had been delivered.

Since the last meeting Cllr Martyn Hackeson Poole has sent in his resignation and this had been registered with the Election Officer but no official notices have yet been received or displayed. Clerk to follow up.

Sincere thanks were also expressed to Cllr Hackeson Poole for his work and dedication during his time on the Parish Council. Clerk to liaise with regard to thank you card.

(8.2) To consider co– option – the current vacancy created by the resignation of Cllr D Ellis. The Clerk confirmed that she had received one application with regard to the vacancy from Barry Garbett. Mr Garbett was not present at the meeting but as he had recently given a presentation and had confirmed his wish to be reconsidered – the Parish Council unanimously agreed and voted to go ahead and co-opt in his absence. The Clerk to prepare official documents etc. and liaise with Mr Garbett and the Elections Officer.

With regard to the other two vacancies – during the meeting two residents showed interest in filling the remaining two vacancies when the time/advertising restrictions had been fulfilled. Both applicants were invited to attend the next meeting and invited to give a short presentation – if, after a successful vote by the Parish Council – these applicants could be co-opted and this would bring the Council back up to its full complement of nine Councillors.

(9.1) Annual Playground Inspection – Frances White has confirmed this will be carried out in June/July and apologised for the delay.

9.2) Due to the zip wire stretching– it was agreed to approach Play Quest and ask them to bring their annual inspection forward to end of June/beginning July in time for the start of the school holidays. The cost as agreed will be £150.00 + VAT. Clerk to liaise with Play Quest and Cllr. R Styles.

(9.3) Mole Contract – it was confirmed that there was mole activity in the play park and two quotes had been received. After explanation and discussion, it was unanimously agreed to offer the contract to Ray Styles – Pest Control of Fromes Hill. Clerk to liaise.

Cllr Styles reported a tree had blown down in the wind and was blocking the path. Clerk to liaise with lengthsman.

Cllr Styles reported that the footpaths were becoming overgrown with brambles. Clerk to liaise with lengthsman with a view to linking this in with the strimming of the bridleway.

(10.1) Highways report – this had been covered in the Ward Councillor’s report.

(10.2) Dog walking route – Cllr V Javens – email circulated. This was discussed and it was agreed that consideration should be given to purchasing and erecting an additional dog fouling bin at the end of the bridleway to encourage dog owners to pick up the dog droppings and dispose of appropriately. Councillors were unsure of ownership of the various lengths of the bridleway and it was agreed to ask the various owners if they objected to a dog bin being erected in the area. Defer to next meeting.

(10.3) Footpath Officer’s report – all in good order. Strimming to be arranged for the 1st week in July – Clerk to liaise with the lengthsman.

(11.1) Payments since last meeting – none.
(11.2) To consider payment of accounts – schedule of payments had been circulated. It was unanimously agreed to pay all invoices as per schedule of payments and these cheques were raised and signed plus the additional cheque for the Village Hall.

(11.3) Display of Exercise of Public Rights Notice – the Clerk confirmed that all notices were displayed on Notice boards and on website as per legal requirement.

Clerk confirmed she now has ‘read only’ access to on line banking.

12. LENGTHSMAN SCHEME – weed killing programme has taken place.

Clerk to ask lengthsman to mow Post Office Green at his discretion as it was acknowledged that although Balfour Beatty Contractors are mowing it this only occurs 4 times in the season and it becomes very overgrown and unsightly if not mowed regularly.

Lengthsman to be asked to fill in the pot hole appearing behind the Notice Board in the Village Hall courtyard. Clerk to liaise.

Lengthsman again to be asked about the over grown tree by the Sub Station – which is in need for serious pollarding – Clerk to liaise with lengthsman.

Clerk to ask lengthsman to have a look at the weeds in Nursery Close as they do not seem to be dying back after the weed killing programme.

AGENDA – Ordnance Close; Police attendance; future Park
management; possible Co-option of additional Councillors; additional
dog bin – bridleway.

14. DATE of next meeting: Tuesday 4th July 2017 at 7.30p.m.

Signed: Date: 4th July 2017
Ward Councilor’s Report

Re: Update on Changes to Council Committees
Herefordshire Council’s meeting at Full Council on Friday 19th May elected Councillor Tony Johnson as Leader of the Council, Councillor Brian Wilcox as Chairman of the Council and Councillor Philip Edwards as Vice-Chairman of the Council.
The meeting at Full Council also saw the adoption of the new Herefordshire Council constitution. The constitution – which acts as the council’s rule book – explains and regulates how the council operates, how decisions are made and the procedures which are followed to ensure that decisions are efficient, transparent and accountable to the public.
Adoption of the new constitution will see the establishment of three scrutiny committees (Adults and wellbeing scrutiny committee, Children and young people scrutiny committee, General scrutiny committee) with newly-elected Chairs and a merged Planning and regulatory committee.
Re: Update on the County’s Healthwatch service
A new Healthwatch Herefordshire social enterprise has been established on 20th April 2017.
Healthwatch was established across the country as part of the Health and Social Care Act 2012. The service is delivered by independent social enterprise organisations on behalf of local councils and aims to represent the views of residents on local health and social care issues.
From 2013, the contract to deliver Healthwatch Herefordshire was held by Herefordshire Voluntary Organisations Support Service (HVOSS). HVOSS took the decision not to continue providing the service when the contract expired in March 2017.
As a result, the council has considered alternative solutions and has set up a new independent social enterprise to ensure the Healthwatch service continues to be delivered across Herefordshire To find out more information about Healthwatch “your consumer champion for health & social care visitwww.healthwatchherefordshire.co.uk or Tel: 01432 364 481 Email: info@healthwatchherefordshire.co.uk.
Re: Highways Issues
A49 Issues of Concern

I have contacted Highways England again on 11th May 2017

Re: White Lining at the exit of the Village at the junction with the A49 – requesting URGENT attention

I have again asked for information on the outcome of Highways England’s A49 Speed Review at Moreton on Lugg and requested a response on all the issues of concern previously raised in my email of 10th February 2017 – key points 1) keep left bollards obscured by mud, pedestrian lights are very dim (may need cleaning or replacing) 2) keep left bollards at Moreton Business Park also in need of cleaning and repairs 3) white lining for the new cycle way needs to be done & there is a section of road (at the village road junction with A49) where the white lines have been rubbed off and need renewing 4) Concerns about rubbish on the A49.

Rubbish Bins overflowing – at Play Park & St. Andrew’s Close

I notified Balfour Beatty of this issue on 11th May 2017 & our Locality Steward reported on 14th May 2017 that both bins had been emptied

Play Park – Dog Fouling Problem

On 6th April 2017 at 7.00 am, I met with Cllr. Steve Browne & the Enforcement Officer. We accompanied the Enforcement Officer on his inspection of the Play Park and he advised that he would do some future patrols of the area.

Moreton on Lugg village roads

I requested that Herefordshire Council investigate the concerns raised and provide a letter of response directly to the Parish Council.

In summary, Herefordshire Council agree with the assessment made, indeed the roads which have had substantial maintenance are pothole free and those roads which have not received substantial maintenance in recent times have deteriorated and are potholed. “The reality is that we are prioritising our maintenance works based on the needs across the entire County”. Reference was made to the 5 point – Highway Asset Management Strategy & the need for a sustained level of investment & probably a long time before all roads were returned to a suitable state.

Re: Concerns regarding Pothole repairs on C1125, C1120 and C1122

I have been advised that Herefordshire Council’s defects audit has commenced and will take between 8-12 weeks to complete. However, I further asked for particular information about the three roads listed. Indeed, I have passed on the detailed response to the Parish Clerks for all three Parish Councils. The conclusion of the officer’s update information is as follows;

“Having visited the 3 sites, the roads in question are all C roads and therefore any surface defects can be ‘plugged’ and do not have to be ‘cut out’/sealed as they would be on A and B status roads. I can confirm that a number of sections of each of the roads is deteriorating which has resulted in ‘localised hot spot’ problem areas. Within each of these ‘hot spots’ a number of potholes have appeared and been repaired. Having been through all of the defect records for the roads in question I can confirm that none of the repairs have failed. BBLP may have been back to site on numerous occasions but only to repair other potholes within the ‘hotspot’ vicinity. On roads such as these where there are sections of pothole ‘hotspots’, the Locality Steward raises awareness to the Asset Management Team that a particular stretch of road has deteriorated and requests that the stretch of road is considered for programmed resurfacing works. In this instance, all 3 roads have been put forward, as of yet none of the roads have ranked high enough in the ratings criteria for them to be included. Therefore, these roads have been continually ‘plugged’ in order to keep them safe for road users”.

Contrary to this update information, I duly understand that the general concern is that certain potholes have “failed” after being repaired on a regular basis. Therefore, I would like to ask Councillors for details &/or any photographs of these specific “pothole sites” and then I can get back to the officer with the evidence accordingly.

Re: Talk on Maintenance of roads/Pothole repairs

I have contacted Balfour Beatty’s Operations Manager and requested a talk on Maintenance of roads/Pothole repairs. If Councillors are interested in such a meeting, I will have to make further enquiries regarding the possible arrangements.

Report by Kema Guthrie – 4th June 2017