Minutes 5th September 2017

Minutes of the meeting of Moreton-on-Lugg Parish Council held in Moreton-on-Lugg Village Hall on Tuesday 5th September 2017 at 7.30p.m.

Parish Clerk – Lesley Hay


Councillors: Cllr K Cooper (Chairman) Cllr. P. Spong (Vice-Chairman); Cllr V. Javens; Cllr Richard Styles; Cllr Barry Garbett; Cllr C Boden.

Present:13 members of the public.

Present: Parish Clerk: Lesley Hay. Ward Cllr Kema Guthrie.
Mrs Pam Taplin (Chairman Village Hall)

The Chairman welcomed those present to the September meeting.

1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – Cllr B Jackson; Cllr Carol Crowley; PCSO McDonagh
2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST AND WRITTEN APPLICATIONS FOR DISPENSATIONS by Parish Councillors – Cllr Kim Cooper signed on behalf of Village Hall.
Chairman read out article from the current Newsletter (circulated).
Moreton on Lugg – Report of 2 males on unauthorised motorbikes riding in an anti-social manner on private land. SNT have received written confirmation from the land owner that ‘NO PERMISSION is given for any access on foot or by vehicle, other than for employees or persons working on behalf of the farm, except along the bridleway that runs from the village road towards Lyde via the sewage works; which is also prohibited to vehicles.’ This notice has been issued to the 2 males. Both have been advised that members of the community are urged to call police immediately if anyone is seen riding a motorised bike which is believed to be unauthorised for road use, on private land or the highway.
It was noted that two large white vans had been seen hovering in and around the village and residents are advised to ring 101 if concerned.

4. WARD COUNCILLOR’S REPORT – Ward Cllr Guthrie read out her report which addressed concerns associated with the recent repair to Moreton Bridge (see full report attached to these Minutes). Ward Cllr Guthrie also read from a recent letter received by Bill Wiggin MP from Highways England in which they address various local issues of concern regarding the A49.

(4.1) OPEN DISCUSSION – with local residents present at meeting and
matters raised between meetings.

(a) Walk for Wildlife – 30th September 2017- route still to be confirmed. (b) Ignite – – empowering people to be creative and healthy –
visit/presentation to be deferred until December meeting.

(c) Deferred from the last meeting – concerns regarding the repair to the
Grade 11 – star listed Moreton Bridge were again discussed and Ward
Cllr Guthrie agreed to invite Matthew Knight (Principal Building
Conservation Officer) to speak at the next Parish Council Meeting.

It was also noted that the bridge may have recently suffered some additional damage and Ward Cllr Guthrie agreed to liaise with the Locality Steward in the first instance.

(d) Issues were raised about the extended garden on Studio Drive – it was agreed that the Chairman would approach the owner in the first instance. However, as this is Hereford Council land it was agreed that the Locality Steward be asked for an opinion during the ‘walk about’ planned for next week.

(e) Gullies on the A49 are blocked and concerns were expressed that this would adversely affect the new road surface – Ward Cllr Guthrie to contact Highways England.

(f) It was reported that St Peters Close road and paths are in need of the road sweeper – in particular the stretch between houses 60 – 80. It was thought this is due to tractors using this stretch of road and depositing soil/mud which in turn encourages grass growth. Ward Cllr Guthrie will report to Locality Steward.

(g) St Peter’s Close – it was noted that outside No 11 (on a dangerous corner) there is a very overgrown hedge affecting visibility together with ivy spreading across the pavement. In the first instance, the Chairman will approach the owner but, it was agreed, that this item be added to the ‘walk about’ with the Locality Steward planned for next week.

(4.2) Chairman closed this open session but will reopen the Open
session for item 8 Planning Application No 172919.

5. VILLAGE HALL REPORT – Cllr. V Javens explained that she had recently resigned from the Village Hall Committee. The Chairman welcomed Mrs Pam Taplin who has taken over as Chairman.

The Chairman reported that the Village Hall committee are planning a full Autumn programme and that the Hall is in regular use.

The fire escape will very shortly be taken down; it is to be used as a template for the new replacement; during this time, it was agreed that the upper floor of the Village Hall will be closed in the interests of Health and Safety.

(5.1) VAT reimbursement Village Hall invoices – the clerk will approach the three companies and ask for invoices to be made payable to the Parish Council as it was the Parish Council who settled these invoices from their budget.

6. THE MINUTES OF PARISH COUNCIL MEETING held on Tuesday 1st August 2017 were unanimously agreed as being a true record and these were adopted and signed by the Vice Chairman.

7. Ongoing Planning application:
(7.1) The Ordnance Close amended application was noted – Ward Cllr Guthrie explained that this entailed some changes in tree planting but that this amendment would not affect the conditional redirection request. It was hoped/anticipated that this request might go to committee in early October
(7.2) The Beeches – Cllr Spong again expressed concerns about visibility – however, as the property is up for auction later this month, it was agreed to defer this item until the next meeting.

8. New Planning application: 172919 – Land to the West of Church House Farm,
The Chairman reopened the Open Session in order for those residents present to discuss the various issues of concern.

After a lengthy discussion, during which many issues were put forward and discussed, it was agreed that the Clerk would apply for an extension of the closing date.

Residents were encouraged to record their personal views either via the website or by letter to the Planning Officer.

It was unanimously agreed to hold an Extra Ordinary Meeting on Wednesday 20th September in the Village Hall to allow an opportunity for more residents to present their views on this application.

Following this meeting, the Parish Council will, in closed session, agree upon their response to the Planning Officer.

There was discussion with regard to the allocation of any generated 106 monies and a Draft Heads of Terms document received from Yvonne Coleman, Planning Obligations Manager, was shared with those present.

During these discussions, it was noted that Balfour Beatty are planning to resurface the village road from the A49 to the Fish and Chip Shop.

The Parish Councillors raised the following concerns:

1) There appears to be absolutely no benefit to Moreton on Lugg
2) No open space provisions. If there is any open space provision, then it looks like the Parish Council will have the cost of maintaining the area.
3) No monies towards transportation or village roads

Ward Cllr Guthrie agreed to liaise with Yvonne Coleman and request a review of the Draft Heads of Terms document with a view to addressing the above issues.

Clerk to send out Notice of Meeting and Agenda as soon as possible.

Chairman closed this part of the Open session


(9.1) Cllr R Styles referred to the Annual Playground Inspection produced by an Inspector on behalf of Frances White (previously circulated). All items highlighted were of very low/low risk and many were to be ‘monitored’. Cllr Styles and the Play Park subcommittee will monitor these issues and will repair/replace as necessary to fit in with the recommendations set out in the Report.

(9.2) The exposed galvanised zip wire chain is high up and is not causing a problem at this time – to be monitored. Cllr Styles reported that there are overhanging branches that are affecting the zip wire which need to be removed but will require a chain saw. Steve Browne – who holds a chain saw licence – will undertake to do this job on behalf of the Parish Council.

(9.3) Cllr Styles reported that the overhanging tree in the Play Park has been removed.

(9.4) Deferred item – after discussion it was agreed that the subcommittee would report back to the Parish Council through Cllr Styles. Parish Councillors Spong; Jackson; Boden and Garbett all offered to act as part of the subcommittee together with Cllr R Styles and Steve Browne.

Recommendations were:
(1) As a daily routine – a member would walk the park. Check equipment. Maintain/repair as necessary.
(2) Monthly – submit report to the Parish Council.
(3) Annually ROSP Inspection and report; PLAYQUEST inspection and report.
(4) 3/5 year a Tree inspection

(9.5) Clerk asked to request some black rubber/plastic nut covers for the zip wire platform.

10. TO RECEIVE REPORTS/UPDATES on deferred items
(10.1) It was agreed that before an final decision was made on repairing Cedar Close pot holes they would be included in a site visit with Locality Steward and lengthsman planned for next week.

(10.2) Hedge at 63 St Peter’s Close has been cut back. Hedge at 27 has been cut back but left overgrown on the footpath/Post Office Green side. The Chairman will approach owner in the first instance. However, this will be included in the walk about with the Locality Steward next week.

(10.3) Sub Station trees – Ross Tree Services have quoted £180 for the ash tree and £240 for the large tree. There was a lengthy discussion during which it was acknowledged that, although these were the responsibility of Herefordshire Council, their present budget did not cover this type of tree work. The Parish Council agreed they could cover the cost from their 2017-18 tree budget and that there may be an opportunity to support these costs by the sale of the wood.

As this work would be better done after the leaves have fallen, it was agreed to defer a decision until after the walk about with the Locality Steward and lengthsman.

(10.4) Substation neighbour’s fence has been reinstated.

(10.5) Telephone kiosk – defibrillator – after discussion with the Police
and Dan Guerche, Police Commissioner’s Ambassador, it was agreed that due to the general dilapidated state of the kiosk, mostly caused by vandalism, repositioning and installing a defibrillator was not an option at this time and the matter would now be closed.

(10.6) Footpath Officer’s report – read out in her absence

The footpaths are clear, I put the dog fouling sign on the gate of the bridleway after the last meeting. The hedges and and the paths have been cut over Cuckoos Corner by the new landowner.

(a) The costing for the purchase of an additional dog bin was discussed and it was unanimously agreed to go ahead with the purchase and, following Alison Adam’s agreement, to erect it half way between the private gate into the field and the new pedestrian gate.

Clerk to liaise with the lengthsman.

It was also agreed to purchase an additional litter bin to be placed near the Post Office Green. Steps would be taken to see if this can be emptied by Balfour Beatty (discuss with Locality Steward next week) if not Cllr Garbett very kindly offered to empty once a fortnight.

It was reported that there appears to be a water leak at the property known as Daybreak causing minor flooding along the pavement. It was agreed that if this is allowed to continue, this may cause problems during the winter months – so the Chairman agreed to approach the owner in the first instance. It was acknowledged that although this leak is on private property it will be part of the walkabout with the Locality Steward planned for next week

(11.1) Payments since last meeting – none
(11.2) To consider payment of accounts – schedule of payments had been circulated. It was agreed to add an invoice from Brian Addis to the schedule of payments – bus shelter cleaning. It was unanimously agreed to pay the outstanding invoices; cheques were prepared and signed.
(11.3) Norton Security annual payment was discussed and payment agreed. This invoice has been divided between the four parishes who use the laptop.
(11.4) Information Corner – circulated

(a)A provisional date for setting of the Precept/Budget 2018/19 – was
discussed and provisionally agreed as the 17h October 2017 – starting
at 7.00p.m. in the village Hall. This is not an open meeting.

There was discussion regarding the purchase of a projector. The Clerk reminded those present that it had been agreed at the last Precept/Budget meeting that a projector would be purchased from within the Village Hall grant. As there are VAT reclaim funds available – it was agreed that the Chairman would purchase a projector.

(b)The option of the bin/litter collection costs being included in the 2018/19 lengthsman budget was briefly discussed and deferred until the Precept/Budget setting meeting planned in October.

12. LENGTHSMAN SCHEME – work sheet for September /Cedar Close – to be discussed and agreed during the site visit next week.

13. TO CONSIDER MATTERS RAISED BY MEMBERS FOR NEXT AGENDA – not for discussion. Road surface in front of 2 Nursery Drive; weeds opposite 6 & 7 Nursery Drive. Although discussion deferred until the next meeting, it was agreed these issues will be included in the walk about planned for next week.

Consider a further weed spray for the Autumn.
Arrange drain/gully clearance after the leaves have dropped.

It was agreed to confirm with the Community Governance Review Board that Moreton on Lugg wish to confirm that they would like to participate in the review with particular regard to the two cottages at Auberrow. The residents have confirmed that they would like the boundary moved so that their properties are within the Wellington Parish.

14. DATE of next meeting: Tuesday 3rd October 2017.

DATE of Extra Ordinary Meeting Wednesday 20th September 2017.

Chairman closed the meeting at 9.45p.m.


Ward Councillor’s Report

Update on Moreton Bridge (Grade II star – Listed)

I have spoken to Matthew Knight (Principal Building Conservation Officer) who has investigated the matter of the repairs to the bridge the outcome of which is as follows:

“Further to your query I have been in contact with the Bridges Team. I have included their response below together with some photos.

Whilst in this case I am satisfied that it is a case of the new stone, not being subject to pollution and weathering appearing much brighter than that around it, we value any feedback from the public and we are aware that there is always room to improve the service we offer. Chris Wright has identified that the adjacent mortar repairs carried out didn’t meet their specification and that this is being addressed. The work carried out would not require consent as it is a small scale repair, however we do provide an advice service to both the Bridges and Property Service teams on Council owned structures. The bridges team have organised a short meeting next week to discuss how we work together on projects such as this in the future.”

I further telephoned Matthew regarding the response and asked if anything could be done to the new capstone to help it match into the existing stonework of the bridge. His response is as follows:

“Further to our earlier telephone conversation I have spoken to Chris Wright from the Bridges team and asked if he can tone down the new stone for the bridge with some water with organic matter in. They have agreed to take this approach with all new small scale bridge repairs.

As discussed I’d also be more than happy to come and talk to the local Council and answer any questions they might have. There is also the possibility of a presentation/talk on what we do as a team and some interesting past conservation projects too if this would appeal to them?”

If the Parish Council would like a talk from Matthew Knight please contact him direct (I’ve passed on his contact details to Lesley) as he would be happy to attend a future Parish Council meeting.

Due to the concerns about the new stone – I have contacted Matthew Knight again about the issues raised.

Update – Highways England Response

Bill Wiggin MP has had a letter of response from Highways England which is attached for information accordingly.