Minutes 5th July 2016

Draft Minutes of the meeting of Moreton-on-Lugg Parish Council held in Moreton-on-Lugg Village Hall on Tuesday 5th July at 7.30p.m.

Morton on Lugg Parish Council website moretonparish.weebly.com
Parish Clerk – Lesley Hay

The Chairman welcomed those present to the Parish Council meeting.

The Chairman informed those present that Mr Bob Norman had sadly recently passed way. Mr Norman was a very active Councillor about 10 years ago and played a very active and supportive part in all village activates. The Chairman will send a condolence card on behalf of the Parish Council.

Councillors: Cllr Kim Cooper (Chairman) Cllr. P. Spong (Vice-Chairman) Cllr B Jackson; Cllr S Browne; Cllr D Ellis; Cllr M. Hackeson-Poole;

Parish Clerk: Lesley Hay. Eight members of the public were present. Mr Mike Kerrigan (Village Hall representative). Ward Councillor Kema Guthrie


2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST AND WRITTEN APPLICATIONS FOR DISPENSATIONS by Parish Councillors – Cllr Kim Cooper for the Village Hall and Cllr D Ellis for Ordnance Close
3. TO RECEIVE A REPORT FROM THE LOCAL POLICE OFFICER – The Chairman was pleased to inform those present that there had been no incidents concerning Moreton on Lugg reported in the recent Police Newsletter.
Please see full report attached to the end of these Minutes.

(4.2) OPEN DISCUSSION – with local residents present at meeting.

Speeding in St Peter’s Close – this was discussed and it was decided that a leaflet would be distributed to all houses in the village asking residents to slow down in the interests of safety. It was suggested that representation be made to get the speed limit reduced to 20mph in St Peter’s Close. It was explained that this was a long process with little hope of success.
The introduction of speed ramps was discussed and decided not to be a feasible option. Clerk reported that the Speed Indicator Device (SID) programme may be up and running very soon and that Moreton on Lugg is on the waiting list to be considered for a SID when available. However, there will be charges involved in hiring this equipment and although S & A had, in the past, been kind enough to support these costs, they had now pulled out of the arrangement for this year.

Resolved: Clerk will draft a leaflet and will liaise with Hazel Catherall about a piece to be put in the Newsletter.

Dog Fouling in St Peter’s Close and generally throughout the village. Again this item was discussed and the legal implications of failing to clean up after your dog were clarified. The erection of signs was discussed and Clerk to ask Locality Steward on the legal situation. This antisocial behaviour is also to be included in the leaflet and in the next Church newsletter

Resolved; Clerk to liaise with Hazel Catherall.

A letter has been received from the resident of 100 St Peter’s Close requesting pollarding and lowering of the tree which overhangs her house and garden from the park. It was agreed that this should be undertaken – Cllr Browne to obtain quotes but it may be that the work would be postponed until the autumn when the leaves had dropped and branches were more visible.

Resolved: Clerk to write to resident; Cllr Browne to liaise with contractors re quotes.

(4.3) There being no other items the Open Session was closed.

5. VILLAGE HALL REPORT – Mr Mike Kerrigan reported that there had been several successful fund raising events recently with the Fete the next major event. The upgrading programme was under way – but it not always easy to get three quotes particularly for the fire escape and electrical works.

Cllr Spong suggested that the upstairs room which is hardly used could be upgraded into a conference room with overhead projector availability. This was discussed and agreed to be an excellent idea and would bring in some extra revenue. Mr Kerrigan said he would put this suggestion to the Village Hall Committee at their meeting the following evening. If agreed, they would advertise once facilities and redecoration were complete.

It was agreed that these were a true record of the meeting and were unanimously adopted and signed by the Chairman.

Matters arising:
(6.1) A reply to Mrs Canning’s letter discussed at the previous meeting had been sent and receipt acknowledged.
(6.2) The Beeches hedge had been cut.
(6.3) It was reported that there has been no response to the letter to Mr Perkins regarding the 10 rubbish bins and the accumulating rubbish behind the fish and chip shop.
Resolved: Clerk to liaise with Locality Steward as to a legal way of getting rid of some of the bins; and informing Environmental Health of the issues taking place behind a food providing establishment.

7. The Duties and responsibilities of the Park Warden were discussed at length and it was agreed that Cllr Browne would continue as warden and continue to undertake the duties as outlined in the 2012 agreement. Cllr Browne would be directly responsible to the Parish Council for the day to day organisation of the play area including the wooded area. Duties to include:

1. Daily checks of the area
2. Reporting of defects
3. Minor repairs to equipment and fencing in the interest of Health and Safety. Expenses up to £100 to be cleared with the Clerk – larger amount to be agreed by full Parish Council.
4. Reporting of vandalism
5. Liaison with maintenance contracts
6. Ordering of approved equipment
7. Getting the best quotes for:
(a) Grass cutting
(b) Tree surgery.

The position of warden is voluntary – however, any necessary expenses incurred in the execution of duties will be met by the Parish.

It was agreed that the warden would continue to obtain three quotes for the larger items of equipment and/or services but in all circumstances the health and safety of the children using the Play Area was paramount.

(7.1) Update on Tesco Bags of Help Grant – there had been a meeting with Cllr Brown and a representative of Tesco regarding a future event to arrange for presentation of the cheque for new equipment and that the press will be cordially invited to attend.

The clerk confirmed that £7,500 had been transferred into the Parish Council account from Tesco Bags of Help. It was agreed that once there is proof that this cheque has cleared the work could be commissioned on the play area equipment at a cost of £10,000. It was unanimously agreed that, if necessary, the outstanding £2,500, could be made available from Parish Council funds – until such times as the project has been completed. It is a Tesco policy to withhold the remaining balance and this is only made available on completion of the project. Cllr Browne will liaise.

(7.2) ROSPA report had been received and circulated. Cllr Brown reported 18 defects outlined in the report. 13 were rated of low importance; 4 very low and I medium. Cllr Browne informed Council that he was able to repair the majority of the defects at cost as outlined in the report but that the Basket Ball Court needed an outside contractor. It was agreed that the Clerk would ask D C Gardening to meet with Cllr Browne to discuss a quote for undertaking the work necessary to bring the BB court up to the required standard.

Resolved: Clerk to liaise with Cllr Brown and D C Gardening.

(7.3) Park perimeter fence – this fence was at present in a stable condition. However, Cllr Lindsay had made some enquiries about replacing the perimeter fence with palisade fencing – the cost of each section was in the region of £120 – £150 + VAT.

This item was discussed at length and both Cllr Spong and Cllr Jackson asked for it to be minuted that they both strongly resented spending any more public money on installing new park fencing which – as was apparent in the past – it is immediately seen as a challenge and would be damaged/destroyed.

It was agreed to repair fence in the same manner as in the past for the time being.

Football pitch – it was acknowledged that although there had been a signed letter requesting the marking out of the football pitch – it was agreed that, due to the continue vandalism to the goal posts and nets, no further public money should be spent at this time.

The assets belonging to the Parish Council were discussed and the clerk confirmed that there was a £50,000 insurance cover in place that covered all the assets and this sum would also cover the new equipment about to be installed. The Clerk explained that the valuations stayed the same from year to year on the external audit form and that next year this value would be increased by £10,000 and would need to be itemised.

Custody of Title Deeds. (Park) The whereabouts of these deeds was discussed and it was agreed that, in the first instance, Adrian Spong would be asked to search on line. It maybe that his search would necessitate contacting the Records Office – if this is the case, there was may be charges incurred for this search and it was agreed that these would be covered from parish funds as it is becoming more and more important that these deeds and ownership of the Perkins Play area be established.

(8.1) Ordnance Close – discuss recent correspondence

The Chairman acknowledged receipt of a letter from Mr N Williams, developer of Ordnance Close, together with a copy of a solicitor’s letter. The content of these letters were not made available to the Councillors or the public present at the Parish Council meeting.

The Chairman outlined a request for a change in the wording of the minutes taken at the Annual Parish Meeting in May – but, these are draft minutes which will not be adopted until May of next year so any amendments will have to wait until then.

There was a very brief discussion with regard to the Ordnance Close proposed development during which Ward Councillor Guthrie again, having taken legal advice, reminded Councillors that this is now a private legal issue between the developer and the residents of Ordnance Close and that the Parish Council can have no further input into finding a solution to matters outlined in the letter.

The letter will go on file to be re-visited in May 2017 when the minutes of the Annual Meeting will be adopted.

(9.1) Highways report – Balfour Beatty – no items reported
(9.2) Footpaths – Footpath Officer – all in good order

(10.1) To consider payment of accounts – schedule of payments circulated.

A Parry June 2016 invoice £120.00
Lesley Hay June Clerk’s salary £328.00
PAYE Clerk’s June PAYE £82.00
Lesley Hay June Expenses £41.40 £6.31
D C Gardening Lengthsman £281.39 £46.90
D C Gardening P3 Footpath scheme £48.00 £8.00
Kim Cooper Black bin bags £21.60 £3.60
Steve Browne Park maintenance £87.94

(10.2) HALC clerks salary award 2016-17 & 2017-18 – circulated. An increase of 10p per hourly rate is back dated to April. The back dated sum of £9.20 will be shown in the July salary invoice.

(11.1) The first part of the weed killing programme has been completed.

(11.2) July work sheet – blocked drain St Andrews Close (maybe Balfour Beatty);
Footpath from village road to Post Office green – Chairman will approach resident in the first instance; edge paths from main A49 to church as per last year; assess repair to patch where wheel sitting too low on village hall vehicle access gate.

Resolved: Clerk to email D C Gardening in the first instance and provide work sheet according to his assessment of the various jobs.

Following the presentation at the last meeting it was decided to inform Kayla Johnson – Senior Planning Officer – that Morton on Lugg Parish Council would like to opt for the Development Plan Document option (DPD) in preference to the Neighbourhood Plan option.

Resolved: Clerk to inform Planning Dept.

No matters were raised.

14. DATE for next PARISH COUNCIL MEETING – Tuesday 2nd August 2016

Ward Councillor’s Report

Highways England (HE) 8th June 2016 Meeting with Local Councillors & Council Highways Officers & Balfour Beatty Representative
A49 Faded white lines on junction with village & lack of white lines on cycle way reported to Highways England
In future meetings will be held every 6 months. It was agreed at the meeting if a Local Ward Member was not able to attend then a member of the respective Parish Council would be able to attend as their substitute.
Matters discussed were the major concerns about speed of traffic on the A49 (& problems at junctions) – Speed Survey, Grass Cutting of verges on A49 – HE will do two cuts (already done one cut) Rubbish on A49 – Balfour Beatty working with Kier to undertake litter picking during planned road closures. Highways England Signs (which aren’t removed) – Parish Council can Ring the sign line Tel: 0300 123 5000 to report any such remaining signage. Question about – Air Pollution Test raised.
Speed Survey soon to be completed possibly by the end of June. I requested (that when the information is available) an appropriate representative attend a future Parish Council meeting and present the key findings of survey.
I thanked Highways England for the newly installed Pedestrian Crossing, which now provides a “safe haven” for people who need to cross over the A49 (from the bus stop to access the Country Park). I have written a formal letter of thanks accordingly.

Air Pollution Test – Response received recently is as follows:

“Reference your question about air quality monitoring in Moreton-on-Lugg, raised at the Herefordshire North Meeting, held on 8 June in Leominster.

I have enquired with our Asset Support Contractor, Kier, and they advise there is no air quality monitoring in Moreton. It is believed that Herefordshire Council have, or, had an air monitor on the A49 in Hereford which is the only one we are aware of. We are currently installing monitors at some of our depots in the West Midlands and Staffordshire.”

These issues were raised by residents during the “Beat Surgery” in May and are for the consideration/discussion of the Parish Council this evening.

(4.2) Speeding St Peter’s Close

(4.3) Dog fouling

(4.4) Upper House Barrister’s decision

Planning Department – Officer update is as follows:

“The Council engaged the services of a Barrister, specialising in Planning Law of nine year’s experience , who has analysed the decision together with all associated documents, case law and correspondence from Helen Hamilton. The conclusion and strong advice is that there are no legitimate grounds upon which to challenge the decision.

It was confirmed that whilst there maybe elements of the Inspector’s decision that might be open to criticism, when read as a whole it was clear that the Inspector had regard to all of the relevant material, had not based his decision on factors that were not relevant and had arrived at his conclusion in accordance with the proper approach and had not fallen into error.

I appreciate that this decision will not be received well by local people, however the advice is quite clear and to make a challenge would leave the Council open to significant costs.”

(4.5) Update on proposed meeting re Gratton Waste site

Alison Sutton (Marden Parish Clerk) has written (on behalf of all three Parish Councils in Sutton Walls Ward) to the Environment Agency (EA) in order arrange a meeting, possible dates are 6th, 14th & 20th July start time 4.00pm to be held at Sutton St. Nicholas Village Hall. Awaiting a response from the EA.

152188 Appeal Represenations Solar farm – I wrote Letter of objection to the Inspector and I have updated one of local the residents who live adjacent to the site & I advised that anyone with concerns/objections writes to the Inspector.

Herefordshire Council’s – Summer Noise Awareness Campaign
From 2nd July 2016 through to the end of August, noise officers from Herefordshire Council’s environmental protection team will be out and about on Friday and Saturday nights as part of the second Herefordshire summer noise awareness campaign.
Following the success of last year’s campaign, the team has been mobilised to repeat the campaign this summer. Funded by a grant from the Police and Crime Commissioner, noise officers will be on call into the early hours of the morning monitoring noisy hot spots and investigating noise complaints
Anyone suffering from excessive and prolonged noise disturbance can contact the team via the out-of-hours number on 01432 261761. Excessive noise, duration and repeat offenders will be given priority on the night.
Council explores devolution options
Herefordshire Council on 29th June 2016 announced that it is exploring the possibility to become anon-constituent member of the West Midlands Combined Authority group. The West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) is a group of twelve local authorities and three Local Enterprise Partnerships working together to devolve powers for economic development from Whitehall to the West Midlands.
Call for free – Keep Herefordshire Warm for advice on Energy Supplier’s Priority Services Register
People with a disability or health condition living in Herefordshire are being urged to call the free Keep Herefordshire Warm number to find out if they are eligible to sign up for their energy supplier’s Priority Services Register.
Each energy supplier has its own register, which vulnerable customers can sign up to. Once on the register, customers will be able to receive additional support – including advance notice of planned power cuts, account and bill information in a more accessible format and a password protection scheme to reassure customers that callers are genuine.
Customers on the Priority Services Register will also be identified as needing extra support when there is an unexpected power cut or interruption to the service.
Herefordshire council’s Keep Herefordshire Warm scheme is urging people who think they might benefit from the scheme to ring the freephone number to check if they are eligible and to get help in signing up to the register, which can be done on their behalf in a few minutes
Call free 0800 677 1432 now to find out if you, or someone you care for, are eligible to sign up for their energy supplier’s Priority Services Register. The line is open from 9am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.
The service can also advise customers on a range of energy issues, including switching tariff and accessing grants for heating and insulation.
Keep Herefordshire Warm is a partnership between Herefordshire Council and Marches Energy Agency.
For more information please visit the Herefordshire council’s keep warm website and the marches energy agency website www.mea.org.uk
Consultation on libraries & customer service centres in Herefordshire
Herefordshire residents are being asked their views on libraries and customer services to help shape how they will operate in the future.
The consultation is to gauge a range of views from those who use these services and those that currently don’t. Comments will be part of a published report that will help Herefordshire Council make decisions on the best way of using the libraries, what people need from customer services and prioritising services most important to residents.
There are two separate surveys, one for those who use these services and one for those who haven’t as yet, with a £50 prize draw for completed entries.
The consultation is available on-line
https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/customerservicesandlibrarysurvey or available in person at each of the libraries and customer service centres.
The consultation runs until 5th August 2016. The information will be published in mid-October 2016 and a copy of the results will be available at each library and customer service centre, and on the council website.
Re: Herefordshire Council – Travel Survey (June & July 2016)

The Travel Survey forms part of a wider package of transport surveys to be undertaken during 2016 to collect data regarding all modes of transport.

This information will be used to ensure the Council’s transport model for the city remains up to date and capable of supporting the development and assessment of transport projects and developments across the city.

The survey can be found at:https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/Herefordshire_Online_Travel_Survey_2016

Report by Cllr. Kema Guthrie (5th July 2016)