Minutes 5th April 2016

Minutes of the meeting held in Moreton-on-Lugg Village Hall on Tuesday 5th April 2016 at 7.30p.m.

The Chairman welcomed those present and gave a short opening address in which he extended sincere condolences to Colin Boden. Colin explained that there will be a Thanksgiving Service in memory of Joan which will take place on Friday 15th April at 2.00p.m. Moreton on Lugg Parish Church – everyone will be most welcome.

Councillors: Cllr. Cooper (Chairman); Cllr. P. Spong (Vice-Chairman); Cllr. C. Boden;
Cllr S Browne; Cllr B Jackson Parish Clerk: Lesley Hay

Present: Mr Adrian Parry; 8 members of the public


1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE were received from Cllr N Lindsay and Ward Cllr K. Guthrie.
Cllr Kim Cooper declared a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest in the Village Hall.

3. CO-OPTION OF NEW PARISH COUNCILLORS to fill the two longstanding vacancies. The Chairman was delighted to welcome two parishioners who had come forward to be considered for co-option on to the Council. Mrs D Ellis and Mr M Hackeson-Poole both gave a short address and, after a closed vote, both were invited to take their place as Parish Councillors.
Mrs Ellis and Mr Hackeson Poole both signed their Declaration of Acceptance of Office together with Notice of Registrable Interest Form.
They both received current copies of The Code of Conduct; Standing Orders; Financial Regulations and Financial Risk Assessment information.
Resolved: Clerk to forward relevant papers to Election Officer.
The Chairman welcomed PSCO Lewis Thomas who gave an update on the several incidents that had recently been reported and investigated within the Moreton on Lugg area. See below a copy of the incidents recently reported in the April Police Newsletter:

Local youths are reportedly using resident’s private driveways to ride scooters and bicycles on. SNT have given strong words against this to youths in the area in company of their parents.

Reports of local youths riding unauthorised motorbikes in an anti-social manner on Lugg View industrial estate. Please report at the time if seen via 101.

3rd March. 2 Males using a white ford transit van – registration NX13KDV. Company claiming to be “AJ HOME IMPROVEMENTS” have carried out roof maintenance work to a poor standard and charged the elderly homeowner an excessively large amount for the work carried out. After a price was agreed a further excessive amount has been charged. AVOID BEING SCAMMED! Trading Standards advice:
• Always obtain 3 quotes before agreeing for work to be undertaken.
• Never pay any money upfront, especially cash.
• Never respond to flyers or door to door sales people. If in doubt JUST SAY NO and contact the police

Moreton-on-Lugg and Marden – Reports from both areas received on 16th March. Suspicious males are selling household items door to door. SNT are happy to visit anyone who also received a visit and is concerned.

The Clerk explained that the visit by Gemma Webster, Senior Planning Officer had been postponed. After some discussion it was agreed that the Clerk would liaise with Gemma and Andrew Horner from Moreton Business Park and attempt to arrange a separate open meeting, may be in June, to discuss the benefits of a Neighbourhood Plan or the alternative DPD.
Resolved: Clerk to liaise and report to the May meeting.

6. WARD COUNCILLOR’S REPORT – please see full report attached to these minutes.
(6.1) Update on Ordnance Close – nothing to report
(6.2) Upper House Farm – update on appeal – a site meeting was arranged but
Ward Cllr Guthrie was not informed – a strong objection has been issued.
However, as the Planning Officer from Herefordshire Council failed to
attend, the site meeting was cancelled. An alternative date for the re-
arranged site meeting still to be received.
(6.3) Gratton Waste Site – letter to be sent to Bills Wiggins
(6.4) Highways England meeting – still to be confirmed
(6.5) Update on SID – Ward Cllr Guthrie following up future availability of SID
(6.6) Parking charges Queenswood – these charges are now active.
(6.7) Aylus Cottages – changes of border – no further updates available.

Resolved: Clerk to liaise with Sutton St Nicholas and Marden Parish Clerks and to send letter to Bill Wiggins.

(6.6) OPEN DISCUSSION – with local residents present at meeting.

There was a lengthy discussion regarding the various potential access roads to the
new Ordnance Close development.

(6.7) Open Session closed

7. VILLAGE HALL REPORT – to include update on funding.
Various events had taken place recently with an income of £360. The annual Insurance Premium had been re-negotiated with a saving of £500 – the premium has been paid.

There is hope that a grant will soon become available for upgrading the gent’s toilets and refurbishment of the kitchen. It was discussed and unanimously agreed that the Parish Council’s grant to the Village Hall of £800 towards the upgrading of the gent’s toilet could now be used in association of the above mentioned grant.

The minutes for the meeting on the Tuesday 1st March 2016 were approved as a correct record, adopted and signed by the Chairman.


Cllr Browne reported that he was getting ahead with the outstanding jobs within the play park and thanked Richard, Peter and Adrian for their help – a case of many hands make light work – help gratefully received.
Cllr Browne reported that the all equipment was in order following the monthly routine inspection.
The football pitch is still to be marked out – however, Cllr Browne explained that he is waiting for a written request from the football players before arranging for this to be carried out.
Cllr Browne presented invoices for the various items and it was unanimously agreed that theses would be paid.
(9.1) Update on Tesco Bags of help – Cllr Browne reported that a grant of £10,000 had been awarded to Moreton on Lugg’s Play area. This grant would be paid into the bank account on the 17th April 2016. In the meantime, Cllr Browne will continue to complete paper work and liaise with the Contractors who will be erecting the proposed Zip Wires and a further set of swings.

It was discussed and agreed that if all invoices are made payable to the Moreton on Lugg Parish Council – the VAT can then be reclaimed which increases the buying power from £10,000 + VAT to £12,000.

Resolved: Cllr Browne will liaise with Clerk re Bank details etc.

(9.2) Update on trees play area – after consultation with the adjacent landowner – it had been agreed to postpone any further decision on any tree work within the play area until additional quotes had been received. Cllr Spong brought the Council’s attention to a newspaper article where a child had been killed by a falling branch while playing in a play area – and Cllr Spong stressed the importance of regular tree inspections.

(9.3) Update on trees in St. Peters Close – quotes

As everyone was very well aware, there had been years of discussion regarding the welfare of St Peter’s trees. Recently the Parish Council had received three letters from the householders directly affected by these trees and it became very clear that urgent action needed to be taken. A lengthy discussion followed and it was agreed to take a vote on the future of these trees.

An open vote was taken and by a unanimous decision the Parish Councillors voted to fell all three trees in the interest of Health and Safety and potential damage to house foundations etc. The roots are also to be dealt with appropriately in order to eliminate further damage to the pavements.

The next step is to write a letter to the Locality Steward to set out the reasons supporting this decision and make reassurances that a certain criteria will be followed and adhered too with regard to health and safety; sub-contractor insurance cover; and that the work will be carried out according to BS 3998 (British Standard).

Now this decision has been agreed – Cllr Browne will be obtaining the required number of quotes – and it was acknowledged that the cheapest is not always the best – so these quotes will be scrutinised very carefully to make sure they meet the requirements set out by Balfour Beatty before a contract is offered.

It was acknowledged at the meeting that this job has to be tackled as soon as possible and, if at all possible, before the leaves take over – as it is easier to see the branches etc and there will certainly be less mess.

Resolved: Clerk to draft letter to Locality Steward and Cllr Browne to obtain revised quotes based on felling all three trees.

(9.4) ROSPA – no date for the inspection – Clerk has asked that Cllr Browne be informed as he would like to be present during the inspection

10.1 Highways report – Balfour Beatty

The Locality Steward reported a complaint he had received from Balfour Beatty stating that the village litter bins were being used for the removal of dog poo waste and the bags were too heavy to manage and in some incidents were so full they were splitting. The Parish Councillors were assured by Adrian Parry – that he does not put the dog bin waste he collects into the village litter bins – it is disposed of elsewhere.

It was acknowledged that there are other parishioners who do pick up litter especially in the play area and they would no doubt place this in the village litter bin. It was also acknowledged that other people may place their rubbish in these bins including dog poo bags and it was appreciated that this would make the bags heavy and very unpleasant to handle.

However, it has been noted that these bins are not emptied on the regular 2 week rota – and seem to be left until they ‘need’ emptying – which would account for them being over full and heavy.

Resolved: Clerk to ask Locality Steward to follow this up with the Balfour Beatty crew who have made the complaint and, if the problem continues – the PC may have to consider purchasing some notices to attach to the bins.

10.2 Footpaths – Footpath Officer reported the footpaths are in good order muddy and wet but consistent with the time of the year.

(11.1) To consider payment of accounts – schedule of payments circulated.
These payments were discussed and it was proposed and agreed to pay these invoice. It was also discussed and unanimously agreed to make a donation in memory of Joan Boden to her chosen charity St Michael’s Hospice.

Resolved: Clerk to send a donation of £100 to St. Michaels’s Hospital with accompanying letter and request for a receipt.

(11.2) Clerk gave a brief explanation re the SID 2014 invoice. Clerk has sent S & A a copy of the invoice and it is hoped they will honour their 2014 agreement to pay towards SID being in the village.

12. ANNUAL PARISH COUNCIL MEETING to include Election of Officers /
Councillors / Clerk’s annual appraisal.

Clerk explained that the next meeting would be the Annual Parish Meeting and Annual Parish Council Meeting combined with the ordinary monthly meeting. During this meeting it may be possible to co-opt further members on to the Parish Council provided Notices had been displayed for the appropriate length of time. There will be the election of Officers and brief reports will be read out.

It was noted that Cllr N Lindsay had now moved house – clerk will inform Electoral Officer. However, there was discussion on whether his new address was within the three miles radius of the Moreton boundary. The Chairman kindly agreed to check out the mileage and report back to the Clerk. Unfortunately if it is over three miles – the Clerk will inform Cllr Lindsay that unfortunately he is no longer eligible to hold the post of Parish Councillor for Moreton on Lugg.

Resolved: Chairman to check mileage and liaise with clerk.

There will also be an annual appraisal of the Clerk together with the annual salary review.

(13.1 Village Fete – grant – date to be confirmed -deferred until next meeting.
(13.2) Post Office is now back on line
(13.3) Clerk confirmed that she had received a grant of £416.66 towards a Parish Council laptop and printer with scanner – this cheque has been banked. It was agreed that the Clerk should purchase a new printer and decision regarding the laptop to be deferred until the next meeting.

Resolved: Clerk to purchase printer with scanner – receipt to be sent to HALC

(13.4) External Audit training – changes to 2016/17 audit – it was agreed that the Clerk can attend this training. Fee is £30 but Clerk to inquire if this can be covered by the two £25 training sessions offered by HALC if subscriptions were paid before the end of March.

Resolved: Clerk to book place on course and make enquiries via HALC re payment.

14. PLANNING MATTERS – None to date

15. LENGTHSMAN SCHEME / D C Gardening –
The Lengthsman Contract between Herefordshire Council (Balfour Betty) and Moreton on Lugg Parish Council was signed by the Chairman and the Clerk.

Resolved: Clerk to return to Balfour Beatty.

Clerk explained that there was still considerable confusion with regard to the financial aspect of the lengthsman scheme and, in particular, how the Parish’s matching contribution figure was going to be allowed/paid.

Clerk waiting to hear back for Lengthsman Officer at Balfour Beatty.

However, it was agreed, if there has been a surplus of funds in the last financial year – Lengthsman to be asked to cut the grass on the Post Office Green and over on the A49 Cuckoo’s Corner bus stop under the lengthsman scheme.

Resolved: Clerk will obtain quotes for these two grass cuts x 2 per month during the grass cutting season.

The bins and rubbish alongside the fish and chip shop is becoming an eyesore and considered to be a potential health hazard. It was agreed, in the first instance, that the chairman will approach the tenants of the fish and chip shop to ascertain how many bins they own and the emptying arrangements. If things do not improve the Environmental Health made need to become involved. Item to be added to next agenda.

Cllr Spong asked about the possibility of a waste bin to be placed on A49 near bus stop by Cuckoo’s Corner – she will arrange to empty it. Also maybe to erect a couple of notices about ‘fly tipping’.

Resolved: Clerk to liaise with Locality Steward to enquire if permission is required to erect a litter bin. Clerk will also liaise with the lengthsman regarding the costs involved. To report back to next meeting.

17. DATE for next PARISH COUNCIL MEETING – Tuesday 3rd May 2016
Chairman closed the meeting at 10.00p.m.
The Annual Parish Meeting will start at 7.00p.m.
The Annual Parish Council Meeting will start at 7.30p.m.

Signed: Chairman: ………………………………….. Date: ………………………..
Items of Interest:
Queen’s birthday celebration – it was noted that the Village Hall Committee are holding an afternoon tea party to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday – this will be held on the afternoon of the 11th June. More information at the next meeting.

Cllr Spong informed Council that dogs are now allowed to travel by bus at a cost of £1 per dog.

The Clerk informed Council that the Webtec web page has now been closed and there is a complimentary explanation on the page.

Herefordshire Councillor’s Update Report

Re: The Gratton Waste Site, Lower Vern, Marden
Bill Wiggin MP & Environment Agency letter of response

I spoke to Bill Wiggin MP recently regarding the above matter and urged him to challenge the Environment Agency further on this issue because they appear not to have answered the questions. I highlighted the fact that due to austerity measures and the resultant lack of investment in Herefordshire roads (especially the roads within Sutton Walls Ward with no resurfacing or surface dressing scheduled this year) will be adversely affected by the additional Heavy Goods Vehicle traffic. This HGV traffic will consequently cause exponential wear & tear on all our roads. Bill Wiggin MP advised me that Parish Councils who have these concerns in the Ward area need to write to him directly and then he will further contact the EA on these points accordingly.

Sutton St. Nicholas Parish Council have already written to Bill Wiggin MP (for information please view Sutton Parish Council’s comment below), I will advise Marden Parish Council to write to him and I duly advise Moreton on Lugg Parish Council (if Councillors have the same concerns) to write as well.

For information:
Sutton Parish Council’s comments to Bill Wiggin MP are as follows:
“The Parish Council considered the comments from the Environment Agency and felt that the question as to why no consultation had taken place regarding the extension of time and the assurance that no further extensions would be made have not been answered”.

Ref: Appeal – APP/W1850/W/16/3143328 (Poultry Units) I will be notified of the Inspectors Site Visit & I hope to be able to attend.
Re: Speed Indicator Devices Update – I have requested further information & I am awaiting an update
Consultation on the CIL preliminary draft charging schedule
Thursday 17 March to Thursday 28 April 2016
The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a levy that local authorities can charge on new developments in their area. Herefordshire Council has developed a preliminary draft charging schedule (which sets out the proposed rates for development by area and type) to be paid by developers which will raise funds in order to support new and improved infrastructure.
Once adopted, part of the money can be used to support development by funding new and improved infrastructure.
All submissions will be used to inform the final document, to ensure the levy is set at a reasonable rate.
Have your say on the preliminary draft charging schedule. If you would like to give your views, more information about the consultation can be found at: www.herefordshire.gov.uk/cilconsultation Alternatively, the information will be available to view at all information centres and libraries across the county during normal office hours from Thursday 17 March. Once the consultation has ended, the results will be available to view on the Council’s website CIL consultation page. The final document will be subject to independent examination which is expected to take place later this year.
New archive centre to host varied workshops & talks
The workshops are being organised by the Hereford Branch of the Workers’ Educational Association (WEA) and will be held at the new Herefordshire Archive and Records Centre and The Museum Resource and Learning Centre. The topics will cover ‘the changing landscape of Herefordshire’ featuring local archeology and ‘written in ink’, writing over the ages with examples from Herefordshire’s archives.
The spring workshops will run until 25 April and cost £8 per session. To make a booking, please visit the WEA website at www.westmidlands.wea.org.uk and click ‘find a WEA course near you’.
To find out more about HARC, visit www.herefordshire.gov.uk/archives.

Report by Cllr. Kema Guthrie 02/04/2016

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