Minutes 4th October 2016

Minutes of the meeting of Moreton-on-Lugg Parish Council held in Moreton-on-Lugg Village Hall on Tuesday 4th October 2016 at 7.30p.m.

Parish Clerk – Lesley Hay

The Chairman welcomed those present to the Parish Council meeting.

Councillors: Cllr Kim Cooper (Chairman) Cllr. P. Spong (Vice-Chairman) Cllr B Jackson; Cllr S Browne; Cllr M. Hackeson-Poole; Cllr N Lindsay; Cllr C Boden; Cllr D Ellis.
Five members of the public. Mr M Kerrigan – Village Hall Chairman;
Mr Adrian Parry

Parish Clerk: Lesley Hay.
1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – Ward Cllr Kema Guthrie
No police representative attended but the Chairman read out the following from the most recent newsletter:

17th September. Report received at 20:20hrs to say an unknown group of 3 males and 2 females aged between 13 -17 were in the area of Cedar Close being verbally abusive, throwing stones and pieces of wood. Police attended and carried out patrols of Cedar Close and nearby areas. No youths found and no further reports received.

29th September. 2 males reported for riding off-road motorbikes without helmets. An off road motor cycle was seized at the scene. Off-road vehicles cannot be used on the highway as they hold no tax, insurance or MOT. As demonstrated on this occasion – vehicles will be seized by police and may even be destroyed.

As there has been no response from Welsh Water regarding the riding of motorbikes on the concrete road approaching the sewage works – the clerk will again approach Welsh Water to make them aware of the problem.

4. WARD COUNCILLOR’S REPORT to be deferred until the next meeting.

(4.2) Re elder tree -Herefordshire Council have agreed that the elder tree now growing alongside a sycamore tree in the Post Office Park can be cut down and a job number has been raised.

(4.3) There was some discussion on the bus time tables – and it was acknowledged that the local bus services are not subsidised. It is understood that there is to be no alteration in the main service timetable until 2017 but off main road services maybe affected in the meantime.

(4.4) It was acknowledged that the bee hive near to the footpath across from Cuckoos Corner is correctly positioned and, therefore, anyone diverting from the footpath could be said to be trespassing.

Councillors confirmed they will be attending the Herefordshire Council Planning evening on the 6th October at the Shirehall Hereford.

(4.5) Green Gables Wall – Cllr Spong confirmed that she had found some Minutes dated 4th February 1997 which refer to the ownership of the wall – the note reads “solicitor for the new owners declared the wall did not belong to his clients and does not appear to belong to any of the adjoining properties2.

So it appears to be in no man’s land – the current owners of Green Gables indicated that they are willing to keep an eye on it and the PC wondered if the Locality Steward would do the same? Cllr Spong will keep reading through the old minutes to see if there is any further reference.

There is some graffiti on the wall but it is fading so it was decided to leave it.

(4.6) The meeting regarding Gratton waste site – minutes have been circulated and a paper copy is attached to these minutes.

The chairman closed the Open Session.


Mr Mike Kerrigan (Chairman of the Village Hall Committee) gave a brief update on the current situation regarding the repairs to the village hall. Mr Kerrigan explained that the work to the roof had been completed and all invoices paid. He is now waiting for work to begin on the fire escape and the electrician to replace the main board.
The interior works had been put on hold due to the allocated monies having to be redirected to the roof repairs.
In the meantime, Mr Kerrigan explained that he has again approached Tarmac to see if they would be prepared to consider making an additional grant. Mr Kerrigan hoped to have a response by the end of October.

Cllr Spong explained that during a search for the Deeds of the Play Park – the deeds for the village hall were located – they are at present in the safe keeping of Lloyds and Cooper Solicitors in Leominster.

A vote of thanks was proposed to Mike Kerrigan for his continued commitment to the project.

It was agreed that these were a true record of the meeting and were unanimously adopted and signed by the Chairman.

CLERK’S UPDATE on matters arising:
(6.1) The Clerk reported that there had been several emails from Cobb Amos with regard to the extra rubbish bins; their position and the fly tipping by the fish and chip shop. The situation has improved somewhat but there is additional rubbish behind the bins which have not been moved as was agreed.

Chairman will bag up the rubbish and put out for the collection. Clerk will again contact the agent to get these bins moved as agreed.

(6.2) Update on request re Deeds of Park and ownership of the boundary fencing. It was confirmed that the deeds had been located at Lloyds and Cooper Solicitors in Leominster who had confirmed that everything is in order. The deeds will remain with solicitors for safe keeping.

It was agreed that this land should be shown on the List of Assets and would be valued at £1 – Clerk to add to the external audit sheet for the 2016-2017 audit.

(6.3) It was established that the boundary fencing, which has been an issue, belongs to the Parish Council without a maintenance obligation.

(7.1 Tree quotes – a quote of £295 + Vat from Acer Tree Services had been
received and a quote of £200 from Ross Tree Services. It was agreed to
accept the Ross Tree Services quote and Cllr Browne will liaise with
Contractor and resident to arrange a convenient date for the work to be
undertaken. However, there is the possibility that additional work may be
required to prune back another overgrown tree in the resident’s garden.

(7.2) Basketball court repairs – these have been completed and the surface is now
level and within the ROSPA requirement. Sadly, however, the court and other
areas in the park have now been the subject of graffiti.

(7.3) Update on ROSPA inspection repairs – all listed repairs/recommendations
have been completed.

The Park Warden reported that one end of the goal area had been re turfed and the other end would be done next year in the Spring.

The work on the installation of the new play equipment is due to begin on the 7th November and will take about one week to complete. It was agreed that Cllr Browne should purchase a sign that clearly indicates the proper use of the aerial slide. This sign to be purchased and erected close to the facility in full view of the public. Possible supplier ABC Print. The sign is to be erected before completion of this project. Further to this installation a notice is to be erected at the entrance to the park notifying the public of the need to comply with safety instructions while this project is being installed.

There has been, to date, no Hereford Times coverage of the presentation of the Tesco grant cheque.

Cllr Browne explained that it is a requirement by Tesco for a photographic record to be taken during the installation and if these should include any local children – he will have gained permission from parents prior to any photographs being taken and/or publication.

The football nets are slowly being destroyed by children climbing on them – Cllr Browne pointed out that there is only so much repair that can be achieved.

There is a problem with wasps’ nests in the park – a member of the public in the audience offered to deal with the nests – this offer was gratefully accepted.


(8.1) Planning permission for Lower House Farm has been granted with some conditions – details available on the Herefordshire Planning website – Application No: 162154.

(8.2) Ordnance Close – the developer has right of access for himself and any future housing.

(8.3) Moreton Business Park – Ref: 162818 – outline planning permission already exists for this – no objections raised.

Highways report:
It was reported that the cover on the sewage drain near to The Beeches has been repaired.

Overgrown path St Andrews Close – has been cleared.

Clerk to contact the Locality Steward with regard to arranging for the road sweeper and for the drains to be cleared but not until November when the majority of the leaves have fallen.

After some discussion it was decided not to hire SID at a cost of £250 +VAT per month. However, the clerk was asked to enquire about the and costs to purchase a SID and to liaise with Balfour Beatty with regard to the legal implication of purchasing and erecting ‘camera’ signs at both ends of the village.

Clerk was asked to liaise with Ward Cllr Guthrie with regard to the abandoned cones and warning signs that are littering the A49 – in particular those at the entrance to Cuckoo’s Corner. It is assumed this is a Highways England problem.

(9.1) Footpath Officer’s report – all well at present. It was reported that the bridleway has recently been used by motorised vehicles which it was agreed is against the law. It was stressed that if anyone witnesses unlawful behaviour please report direct to the police.

Cllr Jackson confirmed that the kissing gate on MU2 footpath was now in place.

(10.1) To consider payment of accounts – schedule of payments had been circulated. All invoices were explained and it was unanimously agreed that these should be paid.

It was accepted that one cheque had been issued between meeting for £3,600 as deposit to Play Quest.

It was also agreed that the Clerk would make a ½ yearly VAT claim as the total to be reclaimed is in excess of £2,000.

Play Quest Play park equipment £3,600.00
A Parry Sept 2016 invoice £120.00


Lesley Hay Sept Clerk’s salary £331.85
PAYE Clerk’s Sept PAYE £82.80
Lesley Hay Sept Expenses £40.49
D C Gardening Grass Cutting Contract / Basketball Court maintenance £745.20
D C Gardening Lengthsman £120.00
D C Gardening P3 scheme £103.00
A Parry Equipment £39.99
Cllr S Brown Park Maintenance £31.27
Kidwells Solicitors Play Park deeds search £36.00

(10.2) Reminder – Precept/Budget 2017/18 will be held on Tuesday 25th October 2016 at 7.30pm in the village hall. This meeting is not open to the public. Chairman to bring overhead projector.

Clerk handed out a 2nd quarter accounts sheet and will prepare an end of year forecast for the Precept meeting.

Cllr Hackeson-Poole will, in future, display minutes etc on the Notice Board.


No work sheet for October – but contact Clerk if anything urgent arises before the next meeting.


Contribution to Newsletter; Peppercorn rent. Purchase of gloves; Drug dealing in village. Discuss the format for co-opting a new councillor at the December meeting – Clerk to display appropriate vacancy notices and put notice in the November Newsletter.

It was agreed that the telephone box in Cedar Close should be removed.

13. DATE for next PARISH COUNCIL MEETING – Tuesday 1st November 2016
(Precept meeting Tuesday 25th October 2016 – 7.30 Councillors only)
Chairman closed the meeting at 9.05p.m.