Minutes 4th July 2017

Minutes Moreton-on-Lugg Parish Council meeting held in Moreton-on-Lugg Village Hall on Tuesday 4th July 2017 at 7.30p.m.

Parish Clerk – Lesley Hay

Chairman welcomed those present and extended a warm welcome to Cllr Barry Garbett as the newest member of the Parish Council.


Councillors: Cllr. Cooper (Chairman); Cllr. P. Spong (Vice-Chairman);
Cllr V. Javens; Cllr Richard Styles; Cllr B Garbett.

Present: 7 members of the public were present.
Present: Parish Clerk: Lesley Hay. Ward Cllr. K Guthrie

1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – Cllr B Jackson; Cllr. C. Boden;
2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST AND WRITTEN APPLICATIONS FOR DISPENSATIONS by Parish Councillors – Cllrs K Cooper and V. Javens signed on behalf of the Village Hall. Cllr R Styles signed on behalf of item 9.3 Moles
3. CO -OPTION – Parish Councillor – one vacancy
The Chairman explained that due to the resignation of Cllr Steve Browne – the Parish Council were in a position to co-opt a new Parish Councillor. The Chairman introduced Carol Crowley who had previously shown interest in becoming a Parish Councillor.

Mrs Crowley was invited to give a short presentation. The Chairman then asked those present if anyone else wished to stand for election at this time? No one came forward to be considered at this time. It was prosed, seconded and unanimously agreed to co-opt Mrs Crowley to the Parish Coincil. Mrs Crowley accepted the invitation to become a Councillor representing Moreton on Lugg and, having signed the appropriate documentation, joined the table as full voting Councillor.

The Chairman confirmed that there is still one vacancy on the Parish Council due to the resignation of Cllr Martyn Hackeson-Poole. Provided there was no call for an election – a further co-option can take place at the next meeting in August.
(3.1) The Clerk confirmed that HALC is advising its members not to adopt the revised Code of Conduct drawn up by Herefordshire Council for its own Ward Councillors. There is no requirement for any change at the present time and they recommend that Parish Councils await the outcome of a national review of the Code expected in early 2018.

4. WARD COUNCILLOR’S REPORT – see attached to these minutes.
(4.1) OPEN DISCUSSION – with local residents present at meeting and
matters raised between meetings.

Some discussion took place regarding the recent appearance of a rather large snake in a resident’s garden. The resident asked if there was anyone local who may able to help if a similar occurrence happens in the future. The Chairman will follow up and provide telephone numbers.

The Chairman read out a recent email he had received with regard to the recent repair to Moreton-on-Lugg Bridge The resident pointed out that although it has been repaired, the replacement stone work looks like a man made piece of concrete and not in keeping with the stone work round it. The stone next to it still has a chip on it from the damage.

Ward Cllr Guthrie agreed to discuss this further with Locality Steward.

With no further business – the Chairman closed the open session.

No police representative was present. There was also no recent Police Newsletter available. As there has been no police attendance at the meetings for at least 8 months – the Clerk was asked to liaise with Dan Guerche with regard to the recent agreement reached between the Police Commissioner and HALC regarding police attendance at Parish Council meetings.

The Clerk had been informed by PCSO Ekanite that Moreton on Lugg Parish Council had been selected to have the telephone kiosk in Cedar Close revamped to accommodate a defibrillator and community activities – like a book exchange.

After much discussion around the possibility of vandalism to the kiosk itself and to the defibrillator – it was agreed that although a defibrillator would be an asset in the village – it would be better sited in public view – either by the church; post office or village hall. It was agreed that Cllr Javens would take the correspondence to the next Village Hall Committee meeting and discuss whether they consider the wall of the Village Hall a suitable venue for a defibrillator. Cllr Javens will report back to next meeting. In the meantime, the Clerk to inform PCSO Ekanite of the Parish Councillors’ concerns regarding Cedar Close as a potential venue but that discussions were on going with the Village Hall Committee.

6. VILLAGE HALL REPORT – Cllr V Javens reported that the recent relaunch of the Village Hall had been an outstanding success and a profit of £272 achieved on the day. Cllr Javens confirmed that an Autumn programme was being discussed. Discussion followed on how best to future promote the village hall – display posters; leaflets; admag advertising; website; Moreton Business park; writing to other Parish Council Clerks.

Cllr Javens confirmed that the Village Hall Committee would discuss all these options and that contact details would be made available on the Parish website.

(6.1) Village Hall to Parish Council VAT invoices – on going.

Arrangements for the Summer Fete were going well – although extra helpers are needed to help run some stalls. Cllr Javens and Cllr Spong to liaise.

An up to date accounts sheet was presented showing a balance of £2,900 but with outstanding cheques to be cleared.

7. MINUTES OF PARISH COUNCIL MEETING held on Tuesday 6th June 2017 were unanimously agreed as being a true record and these were adopted and signed by the Chairman.

(8.1) Ordnance Close Planning application – Ward Cllr Guthrie confirmed that her re-direction request had been successful but she had no date as yet when this would be going to committee.

It was noted that The Beeches Planning Application had been approved with conditions.

(8.2) DPD – a recent document had been circulated. It was again agreed that the Parish Council would not proceed with a NDP and the Clerk was asked to confirm their preference to follow the DPD consultation process.

9. PLAY PARK – updates on:
(9.1) It was agreed that, as the Annual Playground Inspection had not yet been carried out, the Clerk should contact Frances White for date as it is over 12 months since the last inspection.
(9.2) Cllr Styles gave an update on the recent Play Quest inspection and the clerk explained a certificate had been issued showing low risk in all areas.
(9.3) Cllr Styles reported that the recent mole infestation in the Play Park had been dealt with.
(9.4) There was discussion with regard to the insurance cover of equipment and/or volunteers as outlined in the current insurance policy. After discussion, it was agreed not to purchase any further equipment for the time being i.e. a chainsaw but to continue to use D C Gardening/Contractors as required. It was acknowledged that all volunteers were covered under the current policy.

Cllr Styles informed the Councillors that Steve Browne has offered his services, in a voluntary capacity, to help out in Play Park but that he does not wish to be a member of the Parish Council.

It was unanimously agreed to accept Steve’s offer to act as a volunteer in the Play Park and that the Parish Council would reimburse his receipted expenses. It was agreed that Steve should be invited to liaise with Cllr Styles as his link to the Parish Council.

(9.5) The park footpaths, which were overgrown with brambles, have
been cut back but it was acknowledged that this is an ongoing problem
and they will probably need to be done again later in the year.

Additional updates:

It was reported that there were motorbikes being ridden in the Park on Sunday last.

It was reported that there is still a large branch in the park that needs to be cut down/made safe. Clerk to ask Ross Tree Services to look at this in conjunction with the sub-station tree quote – Ross Tree services to liaise with Cllr Styles.

Cllr Styles brought to the attention of the Parish Council an act of vandalism to the aerial zip wire frame. Deliberate knife cuts had gone through the rubber casing and the rubber had been removed leaving a length of exposed and potentially dangerous chain.

After discussion, Cllr Spong offered some plastic coils for covering the exposed chain and it was agreed that these might work as a temporary measure. Cllrs Spong and Styles to liaise.

Cllr Styles reported that four volunteers were meeting on Thursday next to spread the pile of wood chippings along the footpaths.


(10.1) Highways report – Cedar Close – the Clerk explained that, after a visit by the Locality Steward, he had indicated that the pot holes were not within the Belfour Beatty remit and that they should be repaired through the enhanced lengthsman scheme. The Locality Steward had logged 19 pot holes for repair.

The Clerk had liaised with D C Gardening and, after working out some costing, reported that it would cost somewhere in the region of £500 to £600 to undertake the work.

After much discussion, it was agreed that the Clerk would ask Locality Steward to re visit Cedar Close and look again at the pot hole depth and try to assess how long it might be before Balfour Beatty would have to intervene.

Although it was agreed that in principal some urgent repair work needed to be carried out – even though it may only provide a temporary solution – it was agreed to delay D C Gardening for the time being and to discuss this further at the next meeting.

(10.2) It was reported that the hedges associated with 27; 56 and 63 St Peter’s Close are all overgrown. After discussion, it was agreed that in the first instance the Chairman would visit and discuss with the property owners and will report back to the next meeting.

(10.3) Sub-station tree – The Clerk reported that she had been in touch with Ross Tree Services and was waiting for a quote – will follow up.

(10.4) Footpath Officer’s report was read out as follows:

The footpaths are clear at the moment. Cllr Jackson reported that she had contacted Belfour Beatty regarding an additional dog waste bin on the bridleway and, as long as the PC buy the bin and empty it,t they have no objections. The PC still need to get permission from Alison Adams. However, if the bin is sited near the new gate it’s too near the one near the duck pond – on the other hand if it’s too far in its a long way for someone to collect it.

It was agreed that the Chairman will discuss the options with Alison Adams and, with her agreement, further discussion will take place on the possible purchase of an extra dog waste bin and the appropriate siting.

Mr Adrian Parry very kindly agreed to include the emptying of this additional bin into his established weekly collection.

The Footpath’s Officer also reported that the lengthsman had cut the grass on the bridleway, Alison Adams will cut her side in July when the birds have flown their nests and when she has the time, she will also cut the hedge along the main road.

(11.1) Payments since last meeting – none
(11.2) -The schedule of payments had been circulated. It was unanimously agreed to pay the outstanding invoices and the cheques were signed. There was an additional cheque raised for R Styles with regard to the Mole work.

12. LENGTHSMAN SCHEME – no work sheet for July.

AGENDA – not for discussion – none.

Blocked drain on main road to be reported by Clerk.

Environmental Health problem associated with overflowing black bags of food/household rubbish belonging to residents of Tall Trees – Ward Cllr Guthrie will liaise.

Chairman proposed a vote of thanks to Martyn Hackeson Poole for all his help and support during his time on the Parish Council and wished him well in his move to new pastures.

Apologies were received from the Chairman for next meeting – Vice Chairman Cllr Spong confirmed she will be present to take the chair.

14. DATE of next meeting: Tuesday 1st August 2017 starting 7.30p.m.

Chairman closed the meeting at 9.05p.m.

Signed: Date: 1st August 2017

Ward Councillor’s Report

Budget Consultation 2018/19 – Have your say
Herefordshire Council still needs to make £10.6 million in savings between now and 2019/20 – so it’s more important than ever that you have your say as to which services are important to you.
This 2018/19 budget consultation is open until Saturday 30 September 2017 and is quick and easy to complete online. All feedback from individuals will stay anonymous and will help to inform the annual budget and Council Tax setting for 2018/19. Complete the budget consultation questionnaire,download a paper questionnaire or email your questions and comments to haveyoursay@herefordshire.gov.uk”

Additional Balfour Beatty Briefing Session for Parish Councils

I would like to gain a consensus of dates from the Parish Councils in the Ward area, regarding a possible additional Balfour Beatty Briefing session. Please let me know of any possible dates & times that might be convenient for Councillors – so that I can then update Balfour Beatty accordingly. The venues put forward have been Balfour Beatty’s Kingsland Depot or the Thorn Depot. Indeed, I have requested the Council Chamber, Shire Hall because it is of a more central location.

A49 Issues of Concern

I have written to Bill Wiggin MP strongly requesting him to arrange a meeting with Highways England as soon as possible.

Update on Conditional Redirection Request Ref 171573

Request to redirect planning application to committee. Ref 171573 has been successful (10 Dwellings off Ordnance Close, Moreton-On-Lugg)

– the key points of email received from Planning Department on 29/06/17 are as follows; .
“On this occasion the decision was that the application shall be referred to Planning Committee as considered against the three criteria as set out in the Constitution. .
The second criterion was whether the application had attracted an unusually high level of public interest. As a number of letters of public objection had been received, this was considered relevant for the purposes of the constitution.”
Report by Cllr. Kema Guthrie 04/07/2017