Minutes 3rd October 2017

MORETON ON LUGG PARISH COUNCIL Minutes of the Parish Council meeting of Moreton-on-Lugg Parish Council held in Moreton-on-Lugg Village Hall on Tuesday 3rd October 2017 at 7.30p.m.

Parish Clerk – Lesley Hay


Councillors: Cllr K Cooper (Chairman) Cllr. P. Spong (Vice-Chairman); Cllr. C Cowley; Cllr. D Preece; Cllr. Richard Styles; Cllr. Barry Garbett; Cllr. C Boden. Cllr B Jackson.

Present: 6 members of the public.

Present: Parish Clerk: Lesley Hay.

The Chairman welcomed those present to the October meeting.

1.APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – Cllr V Javens; Ward Cllr Kema Guthrie.

2.DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST AND WRITTEN APPLICATIONS – Cllr Kim Cooper signed the book with reference to the Village Hall.

The Chairman welcomed PCSO Alex Nuttall and PCSO Ekanite to the meeting.
PCSO Nuthall gave a short presentation explaining that he and a team of colleagues were hoping to hire Moreton village hall on Thursday 26th October 2017 in order to run an activity and awareness day in the village.

This is to help the police interact with the younger members of the community. It was explained that this is a piolet event and that they are looking to involve Moreton, Withington and Credenhill on the same day. HVOSS (Hereford Voluntary Organisations Support Service) will be assisting on the day.

The idea of the scheme is to help prevent any anti-social behaviour during the half term week. Hopefully to help with the “boredom” that the children experience.

It will not just be all about fun but education as well. PCSO Nuthall explained that he had liaised with various partner agencies who are willing to come along for the day and help promote various different things, such as job seeking, drug and alcohol awareness and sexual health.

PCSO Nuthall explained that he is also looking for volunteers to give up a couple of hours to assist – nothing too strenuous, possibly just helping to set up and put away and provide tea, coffee and squash?

This was discussed and it was agreed that the Parish Council would support this piolet scheme. Cllr Styles and Cllr Garbett offered support on the day. The PC agreed to fund the hire of the hall and the provide refreshments. The Village Hall Committee will invoice the PC for these costings.
It was stressed that the upper floors of the Village Hall are totally out of bounds at this time due to the lack of a fire escape –Cllr Styles will make sure the barrier that says ‘No Entry’ is in place.
Advertising material was distributed and these posters will be displayed on the various village Notice Boards; in the Play Park and in the Post Office.
A recent issue of camping in the Play park was discussed and councillors were advised to ring 101 should there be a repeat occurrence. The offenders have moved on – but have left a considerable amount of rubbish behind.
The issue of unauthorised riding of off road motor bikes was again discussed – and it was reiterated that the local land owner/farmer had not given permission for anyone to ride on her land. It was acknowledged that this is not just a local problem but involves Sutton St Nicholas and surrounding areas – and Councillors were again advised to ring 101 should further local issues arise regarding the above problem.

The monthly Police Newsletter had been circulated.

Chairman to introduced and welcome Matthew Knight (Principal Building Conservation Officer).
Matthew Knight gave a very interesting/informative presentation which included reasons and references to the recent repair to the Moreton Grade 11 listed bridge.
During the discussion, it was agreed that the repair to the bridge was totally out of character in material; shape; colour and that the workmanship was not acceptable. The question was asked – why can’t this stone be changed – maybe for an existing stone within the bridge structure but one which is not so obvious. Matthew agreed to liaise with colleagues in the various departments associated with conservation issues.
It was also mentioned that there is no speed restriction signage; narrow bridge warning signage on either side of the bridge. There is no weight restriction in place and there are safety issues with regard to steep drops either end of the bridge where there are no safety barriers erected.
Matthew agreed to revisit the bridge personally and to take forward his observations and the issues raised and it is hoped he will be able to report back to Ward Cllr Guthrie with some positive suggestions.
Chairman thanked Matthew for giving a very information presentation.
Councillors were reminded of the HIGHWAYS TALK – Special Ward Meeting (Sutton Walls Ward) for Parish Councillors to be held on 30th October 2017 at 7.15 pm at Sutton St. Nicholas Village Hall

(4.1) OPEN DISCUSSION – with local residents present at meeting and
matters raised between meetings.

A member of the public raised the question of a health and safety risk associated with the walk way junction of Cedar Close and St Peters Close.

The Parish Council have discussed this at length in the past and when it was established that Balfour Beatty were not prepared to fund an additional lamp. The Parish Council, at the time, did ask for a quotation in order to discuss whether it would be feasible to undertake this at the Parish Council’s expense – but did not received any follow with regard to a quotation for the lamp and/or associated works.

This is the walk way to the fish and chip shop/main road and is constantly in use by residents. Concerns were again raised with regard to the uneven surface of the walkway itself – with the potential of someone falling/tripping in the dark or slipping on the ice.

It was agreed to ask the neighbouring resident if he would be so kind as to further cut back the hedge which is adjoining to his property and the Clerk was asked to liaise with the Locality Steward for an up to date and a request to again take the matter forward to Balfour Beatty.

The question of Community and infrastructure Levy charges was raised and it was agreed that Cllr Spong will liaise with Ward Cllr Guthrie with regard to obtaining further information on the criteria surrounding eligibility etc.

(4.2) With no further questions the Chairman closed the open session.

Cllr Cooper circulated up to date Village Hall accounts which showed a healthy balance of £4211.19. The fire escape has yet to be fitted and invoiced.

The Chairman thanked Pam Taplin and her ladies for their tremendous effort in providing an excellent Harvest Supper – it was noted that it was a pity not more residents supported the event.

1. The Clerk confirmed that she had now got the correctly addressed invoices so that she can claim VAT reimbursement at the end of the financial year.

The minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 5th September 2017 were accepted as a true record and it was unanimously agreed that these be adopted and signed by the Chairman.

The Draft Minutes of the Extra Ordinary Meeting held on 20th September 2017 were discussed – and as these related directly to the Planning Application response – there were slight adjustments/amendments recommended. These minutes will be brought to the next meeting to be adopted and signed.

7.Ongoing Planning applications:

(7.1) Planning application: 172919 – Land to the West of Church House

Residents bitterly complained that they are having great difficulty uploading their objections/comments/observations on to the planning website – they get onto the website; type in all the relevant details – press submit and it says it is unable to respond please try later. Some residents have tried at various times of the day and on numerous occasions without success.
Clerk asked to inform Kelly Gibbons – Planning Officer.

The Clerk had produced a draft response document (circulated prior to the meeting) and there was a lengthy discussion with suggested amendments/adjustments to the final letter. These were accepted and, after a vote, it was unanimously agreed by all members of the Parish Council to send the agreed response to the Planning Officer. A copy of this response letter is attached to these minutes for reference; will be displayed on the website and on village Notice Boards.

(7.2) Westfield Farm, Auberrow No 170323 – no objections raised.

(7.3) Ordnance Close – following a site visit today – Cllr Jackson reported that the nine building plots are to be sold separately and not to an overall developer. It was also reported that Highways England would definitely not support any future application to develop the additional plot where original planning permission was granted but now forfeited in favour of this application.


Cllr Styles reported that all equipment was in good order.

The football goal areas had been reseeded. The leaves were being blow from the basketball court as autumn kicks in. Cllr Styles reported that recent winds had brought down two rather hefty branches – they were not obstructing the footpaths but needed removal. After discussion, it was agreed to ask Steve Brown (who has a chain saw licence) to cut up the branches and remove.

Cllr Styles advised that there are some very tall trees in the park and he felt pollarding may become necessary in the near future. It was agreed to ask Weatherall Tree Surgery to give a quote for carrying out a tree survey in the first instance. Costing for any future work will need to be taken into account at the Precept/Budget setting meeting.
Clerk to liaise.

There has been an issue recently of barbwire being cut and the fence breached at the north-eastern corner of the wooded section of the Play Park. In the first instance it was agreed that Cllrs Cooper and Styles will assess and it maybe that the lengthsman will need to be asked to repair.

After discussion regarding the recent campers in the park – it was agreed that the present notice at the entrance of the park gave sufficient warning as to the restrictions within the park.

Sub Station Trees – A recent quote from Weatherall Tree Services was below that of Ross Tree Services and it was proposed and agreed to ask Weatherall Tree Services to carry out the work – however, notice of a week to be requested in order to inform the neighbouring properties and to arrange for collection of the wood.

It was agreed that the Parish Council would fund the total costs involved with this work.

9. TO RECEIVE REPORTS/UPDATES on deferred items
(9.1) An update report following the walk about with Locality Steward and lengthsman which included Cedar Close; Nursery Drive; St Peters Close had been previously circulated. All items on the ‘walk about site visit’ have been addressed accordingly.

However, there was concern expressed about the removal of the dog bin from the Post Office Park to the bridleway and replacement with a dual-purpose bin. Although it was explained that this decision had been taken, after advice on site from the lengthsman with regard to cost savings etc. it was felt that this decision should have been brought back to full Council.

Apologies were offered – and after further discussion during which it was pointed out that the new bin was too small – it was agreed to purchase an additional dog bin (as previously agreed and minuted) and get it erected in Post Office park alongside the new/existing bin.

The signage on the new dog bin hopefully will encourage residents to use the existing bin for litter only – but to be monitored as it may be necessary to purchase a ‘Litter Only’ sign.

Clerk to liaise with lengthsman regarding getting the key to the new/existing bin to Adrian Parry to enable him to empty the bin.
Clerk to place an order for a new bin.

(9.2) Chairman reported a very positive outcome to all his follow up visits.

(9.3) “Priority Roads for resurfacing 2018/19”. Each year Parish Councils are asked for their feedback regarding this matter & Ward Member pass them onto Phil Pankhurst (Locality Steward) for him to forward onto the Balfour Beatty Asset Team.

Further to the above – it was agreed that the Clerk would inform Ward Councillor Guthrie that the Parish Council would like to request that the entire village road from the A49 to Marden be resurfaced as a matter of urgency and priority. Clerk to liaise.

(9.3) Footpath Officer reported all in good order for the time of the year.

(10.1) Payments since last meeting – none
(10.2) To consider payment of accounts – schedule of payments
had been circulated.
It was unanimously agreed to pay all outstanding invoices – and cheques were raised and signed.

1. Date for setting Precept/Budget 2018/19 was agreed as Monday 16th October 2017 – 7.00p.m. start in the Village Hall.
2. The Clerk explained that the External Audit had been carried out and, except for not declaring the new notice board as an additional asset, all was in perfect order.
(c) The half yearly Internal Audit had been carried out and certificate issued. Many thanks to Robert Taplin for his assistance with this audit.

11. LENGTHSMAN SCHEME – October work sheet – see item 9.1.
It was agreed that there should be an autumn weed spray throughout the village – Clerk to liaise with lengthsman. It was accepted that the cost will be in the region of the previous spring quote of £470 plus VAT.

AGENDA – not for discussion
The HALC Information Corner has been circulated – in view of the new Data Protection expectations from May 2018 and the possible appointment of a Data Protection Officer – the Clerk requested approval to attend the Dancing with Data training evening – cost £30 per candidate – this was approved.

13. DATE of next meeting: Monday 16th October 2017 – Precept meeting
Parish Council meeting: Tuesday 7th November 2017
Chairman closed the meeting at 10.15p.m.

Moreton on Lugg Parish Council
Chairman: Cllr. S Kim Cooper
Parish Clerk: Mrs Lesley Hay
Address: Bank Croft, Monkland Leominster Herefordshire HR6 9DB

Tel: 01568 720 092
3rd October 2017
Dear Sirs,

Re: Application Ref: – 172919 – Land to the West of Church House Farm,
Moreton on Lugg Herefordshire

At a recent Parish Council Meeting the Chairman of Moreton on Lugg Parish Council, Cllr Kim Cooper, opened the meeting and gave a brief explanation with regard to the current outline planning application for the erection of up to 64 dwellings (including 35% affordable).
Those residents present were asked to voice their comments on this application.
The comments were primarily based on:

1. The huge impact this development will have on the village of Moreton and all 1000 residents who live in this village. There are no plans to improve the infrastructure of the village to accommodate these extra dwellings and their occupants. The village facilities are expected to absorb a possible 150 extra residents without change.

1. The existing sewage works at the top end of the village is hardly adequate for the existing houses – often overflowing and necessitating attention. There is no indication that the existing sewage facilities/capacity is to be increased to allow for the extra 150 inhabitants plus at least 20 in Ordnance Close and 8 – 10 at The Beeches – where planning applications that have already been passed.

1. Urgent negotiation is required with Welsh Water on their findings and thoughts with regard to this proposed development – as yet, from the documentation available, they do not appear to have been formally approached for their recommendations/comments or guidelines.

1. If the access to the new development is retained as indicated on the drawings – this will cause considerable problems to existing users of the village road and the A49 junction. It is already acknowledged that it is very difficult to get on to the A49 during the morning rush hour especially turning towards Leominster. It has to be acknowledged that these additional cars – at least two per dwelling – will add to an already existing queue to access the main road. Will this then encouraged residents to use the other exit road via the Grade 11 listed bridge – this is a dangerous minor road with one-way traffic – not well signed posted – and certainly not built for additional traffic of these proportions – it was built for horse and cart not daily commuters.

1. The plan to allocate all 106 monies to Wellington School should be reconsidered. It is acknowledged that Wellington School is the catchment for Moreton on Lugg primary children – but many children go to other surrounding schools in the area – Bodenham; Marden etc. The 106 monies should come back into Moreton to improve the infrastructure to help accommodate such a huge increase in population.

1. There is no mention about road safety. There are reports of numerous incidents of cars ploughing into the first garden on the village road – knocking down lamp posts etc. It was appreciated this is due to bad driving but photographs produced indicated that there are many bad drivers using the Moreton village road. Pedestrian crossings will be needed to enable children catching and returning by bus from Hereford schools to cross the village road in safety.

1. With regard to access – thought should be given to constructing a mini a roundabout at the junction with St Andrews Close and/or to use the farm entrance as access – or, even better, to take the access entrance for the development on to the A49 itself and away from the only access road in and out of the village.

1. The speed limit on the A49 passing the Ordnance Close and Moreton village junction is 60mph – and despite repeated requests to Highways England for this to be reduced – this has been refused. With the possibility of all these extra vehicles coming from Ordnance Close and from Moreton village – a further representation should be made to both Highways England and to the Police – Safer Roads Partnership – both of whom have refused to support any requests to try and get this speed limit reduced.
2. The volume of houses planned for this development goes way beyond the allocation suggested in a previously circulated Neighbourhood Plan document.
At that time, the minimum proportional growth for Moreton on Lugg was as following:
Proportional requirement = 63 over a 25 year period.

Built between 2011 – 2017 = 2

Commitments as at April 2017 = 12 (Ordnance Close and The Beeches)

Residual requirement = 49

It was noted that this outline planning application would exceed the requirement by 15 houses which is an increase of 19%.

It was also noted that some of these proposed dwellings have very small gardens and some have no garages/storage space. However, it would appear that houses are allocated two parking spaces despite the recent survey indicating that there would only be an increase of 25 vehicles at peak times if this development went ahead. It was felt the increase would be nearer 125 which would have a huge impact on the village road and A49 entrance and exit. There is no provision shown on the plans for bicycle shelters

1. There is concern regarding the boundary fencing; planting of replacement trees and land scaping. There was concern with regard to future maintenance of the public areas associated with the development – despite reassurance to the contrary in the Planning documentation – there was concern expressed about future maintenance and the impact on precept/budget for the village as a whole.

1. Open space is indicated on the plan – is was questioned if this is a children’s play area. Who will maintain these open/green spaces once the developers have left site. It is planned to have Maintenance tenancy agreements – but it is well known these agreements fall short once the houses change hands. Will the extra maintenance of roads; green spaces; hedges etc become the responsibility of the Parish Council and as a result have an impact of future Precept/Budgets.
Councillors and Parishioners present who expressed an opinion felt that for those who live in properties within close proximity to the development would be disadvantaged regarding property value and future saleability.
The Parish Council listened to all the objections/comments and observations associated with this outline planning application and wish to illustrate by means of this letter their support for those members of the public who attended the Extra Ordinary Meeting.
Yours faithfully,
Cllr S Kim Cooper
Chairman and on behalf of Moreton on Lugg Parish Council