Minutes 2nd February 2016

Minutes of the Moreton-on-Lugg Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 2nd February at 7.30p.m.

Parish Clerk – Lesley Hay


Councillors: Cllr. Cooper (Chairman); Cllr. P. Spong (Vice-Chairman); Cllr. C. Boden;
Cllr N Lindsay ; Cllr S Browne

Clerk: Lesley Hay
Present: Ward Cllr Guthrie; Mr Mike Kerrigan (Village Hall); Mr Adrian Parry; 4 members of the public

1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – Cllr B Jackson; Cllr Joan Boden.

Cllr Kim Cooper declared a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest in the Village Hall. The Clerk explained that she had received a written application from Cllr Cooper requesting dispensation for 12 months based on the fact that:
• it is in the interest of the persons living in the area
• and justified due to knowledge of the operation of the village hall
Councillors accepted this dispensation and agreed that it would stand for 12 months.
(3.1) PCSO Ekanite confirmed that air rifles carried in a public place must be carried in a case – however, description of what constitutes a case is to be followed up. PCSO confirmed that children under the age of eighteen and over the age of fourteen must be accompanied by an adult, over the age of twenty one at all times, when carrying or using as air rifle!
(3.2) PCSO explained that there was a new initiative scheme in place where police officers were visiting communities and they had been in Moreton on Lugg recently. They are due to return and PCSO will inform Clerk as to the dates and any specific details. The use of village hall room was offered and discussed but PCSO said that the whole reason for the exercise was to be seen on the streets and thanked the Parish Council/Village Hall Committee for their offer.

4. WARD COUNCILLOR’S REPORT – see attached to these minutes

(4.1) Ordnance Close A49 traffic/speed restrictions/cycle path – there was considerable discussion regarding the new unlit cycle/footpath and the entrance to Ordnance Close.

Ward Cllr Guthrie will continue to pursue this and local residents will also monitor.

(4.2) OPEN DISCUSSION – with local residents present at meeting.

Cllr Guthrie will contact Balfour Beatty regarding the removal of bollards etc after the road works in St Peter’s Close.

Cllr Guthrie will also follow up the street light outside 97 St Peter’s Close which is not working and the street light half way up St Andrews Close which does not turn off.

There was discussion regarding the proposed housing developments near Holmer Church; the proposed pedestrian crossing which is bound to have an impact on traffic approaching the Starting Gate roundabout. There was also concern about the lack of a bus pull in – Ward Cllr Guthrie will liaise with Ward Cllr Crockett for an update on the development plans.

There was discussion regarding the lack of booking information/details for the village hall and it was suggested that a Notice Board be erected where details could be advertised along with events etc. Village Hall Committee to discuss further.

New webpage – there was concern expressed regarding accessing the new web page. Discussion followed and although it was acknowledged that via Google the original Webtec site was still active – it was explained that this could not be shut down until April. It was suggested to approach Mr Spong, who had very kindly setup the new website, to see if an easier access via Google was possible.

(4.3) Closed Open Session

Further to the last meeting – Minutes item 8.2 – The Clerk and Mr Mike Kerrigan, Village Hall Committee Chairman, visited HALC where they met Lynda Wilcox, Chief Executive of HALC and David Tristam – Project Officer for Herefordshire Council.

At that meeting, Mr Kerrigan explained that he was in the process of applying for three grants to improve the facilities offered by the village hall and major repair works – two of which, if successful, would require third party contributions. After some discussion, it was agreed by the Chief Executive that the Parish Council can act as a third party contributor for the required 10% backup funding for any grants providing the Village Hall Committee obtain written receipts/paperwork from the funders to enable the RFO to show the transactions in the accounts.

This decision was discussed and the clerk reminded Council that there was still £4,500 in 2015-16 budgets and another £4,500 in the 2016 – 17 budgets for the Village Hall so funds were available. Mr Kerrigan explained that he was looking for a maximum ‘capped’ contribution of £4250 from the Parish Council and this may well be less according to the grants offered.

It was proposed and unanimously agreed that the Parish Council would act as third person if bids for funding were successful.

With this agreement in place Mr Kerrigan will now proceed and submit the applications for the grants.

Mr Kerrigan was thanked for all the hard work and commitment to the Village Hall.

6. TO APPROVE MINUTES OF PARISH COUNCIL MEETING – the minutes for the meeting on the Tuesday 1st December 2015 were approved as a correct record, adopted and signed by the Vice Chairman.

(7.1) Annual Playground Inspection – it was agreed to procced with the Annual Inspection as outlined in Fran White’s email at a cost of £50.60 + VAT – however, it was requested that the goal posts be included in the inspection and that photographs used in the report are updated.

Resolved: Clerk to confirm

(7.2) Perkins Area Inspection – all serviceable – see report attached.
(a) Football nets have been removed in an to attempt to preserve the goal areas during the very wet weather.
(b) Fallen branches have been removed from pathways but there is storm damage in the wooded areas – suggest notice put up warning walkers that there are some hanging branches overhead.
(c) Minor repairs have been made to both goal areas – but further reseeding/turfing will be required in the Spring.
(d) Cllr Browne explained that he had applied for a Tesco grant – and had received a favourable acknowledgement that the application had been shortlisted. Cllr Browne will liaise with the clerk for the required supporting paperwork and will re-submit for final consideration by the panel.

The grant application specifies the need for three additional pieces of play equipment suitable for the over 12 age range. Cllr Browne will get the various quotes needed to support the application.

Future plans: there will be a lot of work to be carried out in the spring and Cllr Browne is hoping to get a ‘working party’ to help him – agenda item for March.

Trees – it was not thought necessary to have a full Tree Survey this year.
However, it was agreed that Councillors would meet before the next meeting for a general inspection and bring their findings back to the next meeting – agenda item for March.

There is still fire wood available – it was suggested that this be advertised – may be in the Newsletter or on a notice board at the entrance to the play area.

Resolved: Clerk to liaise with Cllr Browne re Tesco grant

Cllr C Boden left the meeting.

8.1 Highways report – Balfour Beatty – nothing to report
8.2 Footpaths – Footpath Officer – all in good order taking into account the
recent very wet weather.
8.3 It was agreed that Cllr Cooper would arrange for the bus shelter to be
cleaned. It was also agreed that if the glass in the bus shelter was damaged in the future it would be replaced with laminated glass for health and safety reasons.

(9.1) To consider payment of accounts – schedule of payments circulated.
The Clerk explained there had been one payment since last meeting – to Roman Glass re imbursement for the bus shelter repairs – Clerk explained that an insurance claim had been made and £445 had been reimbursed into the account.

(9.2) The Clerk reminded Council that the grant of £120 grant towards the costs of
printing the Newsletter was still outstanding and needed to be issued within
this financial year.

Council discussed the fact that residents had again asked about the distribution of the newsletter as only 60 copies were printed and so not all residences got a copy and it was often impossible to get a copy at the Post Office

It was proposed to issue the cheque but to request that an additional 15 copies were printed and delivered to the Village Hall Secretary for display in the Village Hall – this would mean more people would have access to a copy.

Resolved : Clerk to liaise with editor of Newsletter.
Cheque was issued and receipt requested.

A Parry January 2016 invoice £120.00  


Lesley Hay January  Clerk’s salary £211.00 £211.00
PAYE Clerk’s


£17.00 £17.00
Lesley Hay Dec/Jan Expenses £43.26 £6.16 £37.10
D C Gardening Lengthsman £48.00 £8.00 £40.00
R & R Lawnmowers Maintenance £63.36 £63.36
 St Andrews PCC Newsletter

Grant re printing

£120.00 £120.00
Roman Glass Repairs Bus shelter £684.00 £114.00 £570.00 (Paid)

It was proposed and unanimously agreed that all invoices should be paid.

(9.3) Brief update on new Audit Regime – External Audit explained.
(9.4) Confirmation Precept Claim form completed/submitted.
(9.5) Confirmation that laptop/printer grant form completed/acknowledged.

The Clerk explained that the HALC subscription had increased by 20% for 2016 – 217 – and this would mean a shortfall of £68 against the budget.
It was explained that if paid before the end of March there would be a bonus of two free training sessions – agreed invoice to be added to Schedule of Payments for next meeting

10. Parish Councillor Vacancies – recruitment/co-option – notice to go in Newsletter and on Notice Boards – still two vacancies which need to be filled.

11. Moreton Post Office and Stores – discussion regarding the lack of internet
facilities at the Post Office preventing any on-line transactions. This is not a problem with the Post Office but due to a change of internet provider – the problem remains on going but it is hoped a solution is imminent.

12. Clerk’s Update:
(12.1) Following further discussion the letter to Hereford Housing – previously circulated – was now considered unnecessary as the family in question had caused no further problems over the last two months.

(12.2) Provisional celebrations for the Queen’s 90th Birthday in June 2016 – explained and will be added as an item to the next agenda.

(12.3) Herefordshire Community Champions Award – circulated
(12.4) Funding opportunities – 72 page document circulated.

13. PLANNING MATTERS – none to date

14. LENGTHSMAN SCHEME: Work sheet for February 2016
To include the re-siting of the dog waste bin and spraying the weeds in the Post Office Green area.
Confirm DC Gardening quote for 2016 – quote as 2015 no increase – this quote was accepted but it was requested that D C Gardening liaise as much as possible with Herefordshire County Council and work within their grass cutting timetable. Cllr Cooper thanked D C Gardening for all the work during the 2015 season and said the village looked so much better for all the hard work.

Update on present situation re Lengsthman/P3 scheme – Clerk explained that the scheme had been frozen but as we are already members we automatically will go forward to 2016/17 with the same funding. It was agreed that the Clerk should fill in the appropriate forms and that the council are again prepared to contribute £500 to the enhanced lengthsman scheme.

Resolved: Clerk to fill in the forms and submit before the end of March

To discussion cubs/scout groups; Tesco grant; Date for Village Fete – may coincide with Queen’s birthday celebrations 21st – 23rd June weekend; Tree inspection; Footpath – some hedges overgrown.

Tuesday 1st March 2016 commence 7.30p.m.

Chairman closed the meeting at 9.30p.m.


Ward Councilor Guthrie’s report in full :

Highways Matters
Re: A49 Moreton on Lugg (junction with Ordnance Close) Concerns about Highway Safety – I contacted Patrick Thomas (Asset Manager – Highways England)

His response – The main points are as follows:

“There have been no reported personal injury collisions at the A49 Ordnance Close junction within the five year review period. Only one fatal collision in September 2014 is noted to the north (approx. 160m) of the junction which involved an overtaking motorcyclist and another car. The fatal collision report (attached) found there to be no issue with the network. The only other fatal collisions we are aware of occurred some distance from the A49/Ordnance Close junction and include Moreton Business Park (1km to the north) and on the A49 Wellington, 100m north of the Canon Pyon junction (3km to the north). Again the network was not found to be at fault in both cases (see attached reports). We are not aware of any more recent collisions.

With regard to the footway/cycleway installation, this facility accords with all design requirements. An independent Stage 1/2 Road Safety Audit was carried out and the Auditor was asked to specifically consider the route crossing at the A49/Ordnance Close junction, which was found to be acceptable in principle following the trimming back of the adjacent hedgerow. A copy of the Stage 1/2 RSA is attached for reference.

Following local concerns regarding speed, we have undertaken a speed limit review on this stretch of the A49. This data is still being collated, but the initial indications have found the speed limit to be appropriate at this time.”

The Gratton, Lower Vern – Ref: Environment Agency issuing a variation to the existing Environmental Permit which effectively will extend the operation of this site for potentially another 12 months or more. I have contacted Bill Wiggin MP who has advised that he will be contacting the Environment Agency. I will update again on this matter when I have heard further news from Bill Wiggin MP.

Reporting Potholes

With the wet and cold weather potholes may become more prevalent therefore to report a pothole, please use the Report a pothole service on Herefordshire Council’s website. Potholes which have been reported and are in progress or have been completed can be viewed on the potholes map. This service is for reporting potholes on roads in Herefordshire. https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/transport-and-highways/maintenance/potholes

Cold weather – advice issued

Cold weather – grants for loft and cavity wall insulation are available
As part of the Government’s Cold Weather Plan, Keep Herefordshire Warm (KHW) is encouraging residents to prepare for the cold weather. Advisors are on hand to provide advice on keeping warm during the winter months. KHW is Herefordshire Council’s affordable warmth service, a partnership between the council and local energy charity Marches Energy Agency.
Keep Herefordshire Warm offers free impartial advice to Herefordshire residents. For more information on grants for loft and cavity wall insulation or for any matter relating to energy please visitwww.herefordshire.gov.uk/energyefficiency or call Keep Herefordshire Warm on 0800 677 1432, or emailkhw@mea.org.uk

HEREFORD & WORCESTER Fire Authority – Update ref: Full Authority Meeting 16/12/16

Police Community Support Officers working as Retained Firefighters

Earlier this year Service officers working with their counterparts in West Mercia Police agreed to develop a joint Police/Fire initiative which would offer Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) the opportunity to become retained (on-call) firefighters in both Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service and Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service. A joint pilot scheme has since been developed with fourteen initial applicants leading to eight successful PCSO candidates who will start an intensive recruit training course in early 2016.

I along with other Herefordshire Council Members raised concerns about this pilot scheme, which in particular, might leave rural parts of Herefordshire exposed and lacking police cover. However, the Chief Fire Officer reassured Members that this was a complementary community safety role for the PCSOs and as it was a pilot project at this stage it would be closely monitored.

Council Meeting 5th February 2016
To approve the 2016-17 Budget & Medium Term Financial Strategy as recommended by Cabinet (all documents & proposed amendments, can be viewed on Herefordshire Councils website)

It is proposed to increase council tax by 3.9% in 2016/17. The increase will provide 1.9% (£1.6m) to protect council services, including safeguarding our vulnerable children and 2% (£1.7m) to alleviate the significantly rising costs of adult social care for the county’s higher than average ageing population.
The council has experienced substantial funding reductions from central government since 2010 and is aware that funding reductions from central government will continue; all but being eliminated from its current level of £26m to less than £1m in 2020. This means an additional £28m will need to be saved by 2020; a total of £87m over ten years.
In 2016/17, the council’s funding from government will reduce by a third (£9m), so taking into account rising adult social care costs, savings of nearly £11m will need to be achieved.

Temporary closure of Hereford Library & Museum Update
Herefordshire Council have now had confirmation that the asbestos removal work at the Hereford Library and Museum building will commence on 1 February and is expected to last 5 to 6 weeks.