Minutes 2nd August 2016

Minutes of the meeting of Moreton-on-Lugg Parish Council held in Moreton-on-Lugg Village Hall on Tuesday 2nd August at 7.30p.m.

Parish Clerk – Lesley Hay

The Chairman welcomed those present to the Parish Council meeting.

The Chairman introduced Penny Weaver, Community Champion, from Tesco Stores Bewell Street Hereford. Penny presented a cheque on behalf of Tesco Bags of Help for £10,000 to be used towards the installation of new play equipment in the Perkins Play Park.

Photographs were taken and articles will appear in the Hereford Times; local Tesco Newsletter and Moreton on Lugg Church Magazine.

The Chairman thanked Penny on behalf of the Parish Council, all residents in Moreton on Lugg and, in particular, the children who regularly use the Play Park. Penny advised those present that once the project had been completed, they would be entitled to apply again for a further grant in the next round. Penny will liaise with Cllr Browne.

Councillors: Cllr Kim Cooper (Chairman) Cllr. P. Spong (Vice-Chairman) Cllr B Jackson; Cllr S Browne; Cllr M. Hackeson-Poole; Cllr N Lindsay.

Parish Clerk: Lesley Hay. Eight members of the public were present.
1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE were received from Cllr C Boden. Cllr D. Ellis; and Ward Councillor K Guthrie
3. TO RECEIVE A REPORT FROM THE LOCAL POLICE OFFICER – The Chairman informed those present that there had been one incident concerning Moreton on Lugg reported in the recent Police Newsletter. On the 24th July off-road bikes being used in an anti-social manner on the highway (offence) involving 1 bike and 3 – 4 young persons.

The Chairman also read out an article on how to report speeding issues and advised that members of the public should report speeding concerns directly to the SNT and/or the Parish Council who will in turn email the Safer Roads Partnership via the website link.

In the absence of the Ward Councillor – the Chairman read out her report.
Please see full copy of this report attached to the end of these Minutes.

A member of the public again raised the issue of blocked drains throughout the village and in particular the one close to St Andrews Walk. The Clerk explained that she had reported this to Balfour Beatty and to the Locality Steward – who, in turn, confirmed that gully jetting had been carried out.
However, it became apparent that this was not the correct drain – the Clerk will now inform Locality Steward and Cllr Spong offered to meet on site if there was any further misunderstanding.
The Chairman reported that the iron rails on the bridge near the Sewage Works had been badly damaged – this could have been as a result of vandalism or as a result of an accident involving a large piece of agricultural machinery. The Chairman is in the process of contacting Welsh Water – but without success to date.
Resolved: Chairman will continue to try and contact Welsh Water; Clerk will inform Locality Steward.
A resident informed the Parish Council that there will be no changes in the bus time table until September 2017.
The Clerk reported that an email had been received from Mr N Williams (which had been circulated) enquiring about the ownership of the fencing bordering his property and that of the Play Park.
There was a lengthy discussion and it was acknowledged that it was not certain who actually owned this fencing. It was agreed that the Clerk would ask for clarification when she was liaising with the Land Registry regarding the deeds relating to the play area and would report back to the next meeting.
Resolved: Clerk to send map of fence to the Land Registry and to acknowledge Mr Williams’s letter with this information. Item will remain on the agenda for the September meeting.

The Secretary of the Village Hall Committee – Mrs Pam Taplin – informed those present that the work on the roof would be starting on the 11th August and during these works the Cupola, which is in a dangerous state of repair, will be taken down.

The Chairman will inform the Fit to Go ladies – but, fortunately, August is a very quiet month so there will be little inconvenience to other users. It is hoped to have the work completed before the Bingo sessions start again at the end of September.

A copy of the up to date accounts were made available and these show the Village Fete making a profit of £687 and an overall balance of £11369.10 – this total does include the grant monies.

(5.1) The Village Hall committee will follow up the information provided by the Clerk and Locality Steward regarding the vehicular access gate and will report back to the Parish Council.

The Chairman asked for an amendment to be noted – item 6 should read that the minutes were signed by the Vice Chairman.

It was agreed, with this amendment in place, that these were a true record of the meeting and were unanimously adopted and signed by the Chairman.

CLERK’S UPDATE on matters arising:

(6.1) The Clerk reported that a Environmental Health representative had responded to her email with regard to the rubbish bins at the back of the fish and chip shop. He had spoken with the owners of the shop and the current tenant in the flat. It was suggested that the extra bins be removed – the tenant offered to arrange this – and that the grass be strimmed up the pathway and the bins moved up there out of sight. The rubbish behind the bins could be bagged up and left out to be collected on the appropriate bin day.

There did not appear to be any infestation by rats or other vermin at this time.

It was agreed that this needed to be done and as there had been no response to a recent letter sent to the landlord, the Chairman offered to find out the name of the Letting Agent and a letter to be sent stating that the Parish Council would be strimming this area and arranging for the bins to be relocated.

Resolved: Chairman to find out name of Letting Agent; Chairman will also speak with tenant – will then liaise with Clerk who will write letter to agent informing them of the proposed action based on the Environmental Health recommendations.

(6.2) Garrison Close – further correspondence from Mr N Williams was read out by The Chairman. No further action required.

(6.3) The Clerk had draft a speeding leaflet re St Peter’s Close – it was agreed to print 350 copies of this leaflet; to be delivered to Cllr Spong and she would arrange distribution.

Resolved : Clerk to get leaflet printed at HALC

(6.4) Update Deeds of Park – this is ongoing and new maps were discussed the area outlined.

Resolved: Clerk to forward these new drawings together with a request on ownership of the fence on the left hand side of the area. Item will remain on the agenda for September.

(6.5) Development Plan Document – further to the presentation and decision to follow the DPD option – the Chairman produced an article dated 2012 in which the Herefordshire Council had outlined possible areas for building development in Moreton on Lugg. After some discussion, it was agreed that the Clerk would approach Karla Johnson and ascertain whether this was still a current article/action plan.

Resolved: Clerk to liaise with Karla Johnson and report back to next meeting.

7. PARK WARDEN update :
(7.1) Update on Tesco Bags of help grant – cheque for £7,500 had been received; the remaining 25% will be claimed once the project has been completed. The Parish Council had previously agreed to top up the outstanding £2,500 until such times as the claim can be finalised.

The work will now be undertaken by Play Quest starting in November.

(7.2) Update ROSPA inspection – most of these defects had now been repaired. Cllr Browne to liaise with D C Gardening (Lengthsman) with regard to a revised quote for repairs to the basketball court.

It was agreed that the scramble net replacement and missing parts replacement, as outlined in the ROPSA report, would both remain on hold for the time being.

(7.3) Quote for pollarding tree – 100 St Peter’s Close – quotes to be obtained in the autumn once the leaves have dropped.

(7.4) There is minor mole activity at this time. Situation will continue to be monitored.

Unfortunately there has been another act of vandalism in the Play Park – two healthy trees have been cut down. Park Warden has spoken with the young person thought to be responsible.

The Park Warden also reported that a large branch had fallen in the wooded area – there was no apparent reason for this but could have been very serious had someone been in the area at the time.

The incident was discussed and it was agreed that, as there is a notice warning users that they do so at their own risk, any further notice would not be advisable. It was acknowledged that a tree inspection has been carried out.

Sadly the Play Park and village has recently been the subject of some purple graffiti. In the village the paint has been sprayed on to a particularly old and ancient wall. The Chairman is going to liaise with the police and with the owner of the wall but it was generally agreed, in view of the risk of damage to the wall, it would be advisable to leave it to fade. However, it was acknowledged that there is a chemical that can be used to help erase graffiti especially if it becomes abusive. Situation will continue to be monitored.

Resolved: Clerk will speak with Locality Steward and with Lengthsman to obtain information regarding use of chemical and availability.

The Warden did ask Councillors and members of the public to visit the Play Park as often as possible – an adult presence does seem to deter the vandals even for a short time.

8. PLANNING MATTERS – Brook House Farm – Prior Approval has been granted. Details had been circulated 14th July 2016.

(9.1) Highways report – from Locality Steward:

Since the last PC meeting six different jobs have been logged and subsequently completed within Moreton on Lugg. The jobs were pothole repairs on the main village road; gully jetting St Andrews Close; sign clearance works prior to the rail crossing. The Locality Steward had also checked a dropped crossing final inspection in St Peters close which passed.

Empty sand bags are now available from Balfour Beatty but Councils have to buy their own sand. It was decided not to purchase bags at this time.

Blocked drains St Andrews – Clerk liaising with Locality Steward – see open session report.

Road sweeping – has been completed throughout the village in the last two weeks.

(9.2) Gratton waste site meeting – Tuesday 20th Sept. at 4.00 pm at Sutton St
Nicholas Village Hall – two representatives invited Cllr Spong and Cllr
Hackeson-Poole agreed to attend. Item will remain on agenda for September meeting.


Schedule of Payments Date 2nd August 2016

A Parry July 2016 invoice £120.00
Lesley Hay July Clerk’s salary £340.45
PAYE Clerk’s July PAYE £85.00
Lesley Hay July Expenses £30.77
D C Gardening Lengthsman £96.00
D C Gardening Grass cutting contract £475.00
St Andrews Church Moreton on Lugg PCC Donation for Poppy Wreath £50.00
Lesley Hay Request for Title Deeds re Perkins Play Area £35.94
Cllr S Browne Repairs – Play Park as per ROSPA report £26.48

(10.1) This schedule of payments had been circulated.
It was proposed that the above invoices be paid and unanimously agreed.

(10.2) Councillors were informed that the end of year 2015/16 accounts had been received from Grant Thornton and there were no recommendations whatsoever.

(10.3) It was agreed to make a donation of £50 towards the Poppy Wreath- cheque written and signed

(11.1) August work sheet –

(a) To liaise please with Cllr Browne regarding a revised quote for the work on the basketball court

(b) Walkway Post Office Green – to reset the stones along the top of the wall – some are becoming loose.

(c) To look at the gutter from the fish and chip shop to the Church – there is a lot of collected grit and chippings and the PC wondered if this could be removed. We recently had the road sweeper in the village but it seems to have missed this area -maybe due to parked cars visiting fish and chip shop and/or village hall or church.

(11.2) Overgrown path St Andrews Close – Chairman liaising with owner – defer
until next meeting.


13. DATE for next PARISH COUNCIL MEETING – Tuesday 6th September 2016

Chairman closed the meeting at 9.20p.m.


Ward Councillor’s Report

Re: Blocked Footpath MR25

This path is planted with potatoes on both sides of the C1126. Our Locality Steward Phil Pankhurst has reported the matter to the PROW team and a letter has been sent to the landowner requesting removal of the crop accordingly.

Cabinet approves regional membership
Herefordshire Council’s Cabinet has recently approved the decision to become a non-constituent member of the West Midlands Combined Authority.
The West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) is a group of 12 local authorities and three Local Enterprise Partnerships working together to devolve powers for economic development from Whitehall to the West Midlands.
Membership of the West Midlands Combined Authority costs £25k a year and provides regional funding opportunities, as well as the chance to collaborate on projects and influence local decision making.
For more information view – http://www.newsroom.herefordshire.gov.uk/2016/july/cabinet-approves-regional-membership.aspx

Council launches budget consultation – Have your say
Herefordshire Council on 29th July 2016 launched its budget consultation for 2017/18 and is asking residents to participate and have their say.
The budget consultation will run until Friday 7 October and is asking residents for their views to help set future budgets and what residents might be able to do to help support their local communities.
To participate in the consultation visit www.herefordshire.gov.uk/haveyoursay or complete a form at any Herefordshire library or customer service centre.
Beat Surgery Update

I attended the Beat Surgery held in Sutton St. Nicholas on 15th July 2016.

Interesting speeding traffic was identified as the main issue of concern

Message from the Safer Neighbour Hood Policing Team is as follows:

“Dear all,

We wanted to add some clarity on how best to report speeding issues as we appreciate it is an increasing concern :-

• If a member of the public report speeding concerns directly to the SNT; we’ve been advised to ask them to make their report to their local Parish Council, or we may pass the information on their behalf.

• When the PC receives information from residents regarding speeding, the PC should e-mail Safer Roads Partnership direct via the “contact us” link on their website. Their request will then be logged and put onto the agenda for discussion at the quarterly Operations Forum meeting which is also attended by the police Traffic Management Officer.
This enables the information to be discussed by all the relevent agencies and ensures that it is looked at collectively rather than on an individual basis.
The ‘contact us’ link along with other useful information, can be found via the address below.”

Local people encouraged to Get Walking
Herefordshire Council’s ‘Get Walking’ promotion is well underway and runs until the 28 October. People can join in whenever they want but the sooner the better. I have signed up to the walking challenge and encourage others to do so too,
As part of the Choose how you move campaign, ‘Get Walking’ encourages people who live or work in the county to increase the amount of walking they do every day. Get Walking aims for more people to walk to the shops, walk to work, walk to see friends rather than driving or walking to see colleagues rather than emailing or phoning,
People who sign up to ‘Get Walking’ can log their steps and enjoy a virtual tour of England – Just sign up atwww.herefordwalk.org and walkers can use the website to record their steps or download the app for mobile phones.

Update Report by Cllr. Kema Guthrie 2nd August 2016