Minutes 1st August 2017

Minutes of the meeting of Moreton-on-Lugg Parish Council held in Moreton-on-Lugg Village Hall on Tuesday 1st August 2017 at 7.30p.m.

Parish Clerk – Lesley Hay


Councillors: Cllr. P. Spong (Vice-Chairman); Cllr V. Javens; Cllr Richard Styles; Cllr Barry Garbett; Cllr Carol Crowley; Cllr B Jackson;

Present: 4 members of the public were present. PCSO Bart McDonagh
Present: Parish Clerk: Lesley Hay.

The Vice Chairman welcome those present to the August meeting.

2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST AND WRITTEN APPLICATIONS FOR DISPENSATIONS by Parish Councillors – V. Javens signed on behalf of the Village Hall.
3. CO -OPTION – Parish Councillor – one vacancy
The Vice Chairman explained that due to the resignation of Cllr M Hackson-Poole – the Parish Council were in a position to co-opt a new Parish Councillor. The Chairman introduced Diane Preece who had previously shown interest in becoming a Parish Councillor.

The Chairman asked those present if anyone else wished to stand for election at this time. As no one came forward to be considered at this time, it was prosed, seconded and unanimously agreed to co-opt Mrs Preece to the Parish Council. Mrs Preece accepted the invitation to become a Councillor representing Moreton on Lugg and, having signed the appropriate documentation, joined the table as full voting Councillor.

The Vice Chairman welcomed PCSO Bart McDonagh – representative from the Hereford Rural North Safer Neighbourhood Team.
PCSO McDonagh’s presentation covered various issues many of which are also highlighted in the Ward Councillor’s report i.e. abandoned vehicles; parking on the pavement; dangerous dogs; motor bike activity etc.
PCSO McDonagh reassured the Parish Council that they would see an increase in police presence in the village; the park and surrounding roads and although a softly-softly approach is often sufficient – he did ask that all concerning incidents be reported as these make up statistics that are taken in account if a further more serious approach is required.
PCSO McDonagh asked about the possibility of placing a defibrillator in the telephone kiosk positioned in Cedar Close. It was explained that this had been discussed at the last meeting but it had been agreed to defer this due to the ongoing vandalism problem that exists in the village.
However, it was suggested the kiosk could be moved into a more central position i.e. Village Hall Courtyard. The costings for moving this were discussed and it was suggested the clerk approach Dan Guerche – Ambassador to the Police and Crime Commissioner – to request help with this funding.
Resolved: Clerk to email Dan and item to be deferred to next meeting for follow up.
PCSO McDonagh was aware of the recent vandalism in the Play Park and suggested that CCTV cameras may well help reduce future vandalism as it had in other areas in the County. He again suggested an approach to the Police Commissioner through Dan Guerch could be a way forward.
Resolved: Clerk to email Dan Guerche.
PCSO McDonagh advised Councillors that various leaflets were in the process of being printed and it was hoped that soon there would be a leaflet drop regarding legal requirements for riding motor bikes and legal restrictions when parking on the pavement.
Cllr Barry Garbett thanked PCSO McDonagh on behalf of the Parish Council for a very information presentation.
PCSO McDonagh left the meeting.

5. WARD COUNCILLOR’S REPORT – Ward Cllr Guthrie was unable to attend the meeting but sent the report attached to this minutes with belated apologies.

(5.1) OPEN DISCUSSION – with local residents present at meeting and
matters raised between meetings.

(a) A member of the public asked that consideration be given to the very poor and inappropriate way the bridge had been repaired – photographs were made available. After discussion, it was evident that there was an agreed general dissatisfaction on the very poor way the bridge had been repaired. The Parish Council were aware that Ward Cllr Guthrie was in communication with various authorities regarding this – so it was agreed to defer until the next meeting.

Resolved: Defer this issue until the next meeting when it is hoped Cllr Guthrie will be able to attend.

(b) The Parish Council were approached about ongoing maintenance and safety issues associated with the overall maintenance of the Play Park. There was a lengthy discussion and eventually it was agreed that the Parish Council should consider electing a subcommittee who would liaise with the Parish Council through Cllr Styles.

Resolved: To consider electing a Play Park subcommittee to liaise with Parish Council through Cllr Styles. Deferred until next meeting when terms of reference will be discussed; agreed and minuted.

(c) Discussion followed with regard to financing the purchase of small items on a monthly basis – especially in the interests of urgent safety issues etc. On looking at the precept figures it was proposed and unanimously agreed that the £500 allocated to the moles should be added to the already allocated £400 for Park maintenance and together with an additional £100 this would give a subcommittee £1000.00 to work with during the financial year.

For accounting purposes, it was agreed that all tree work and inspection costs would be itemised separately.

Resolved: The Clerk will make adjustments to the accounting columns and will inform Councillors exactly how much of the £1000 has been spent to date.

(5.2) With no further items – the Vice Chairman closed the open session.

6. VILLAGE HALL REPORT – Cllr. V Javens reported a very successful fete with £510.00 profit.

Cllr Spong reminded those present that she would not be running the Fete next year as she is stepping down as a Councillor from next year. However, she asked that the allocated £350 from the precept budget remain in place and, if there is no Fete next year, that it be used for future funding raising events. This proposal was put to the vote and unanimously agreed.

Cllr Javens confirmed that there was a village hall committee meeting planned in the near future when there will be further discussion regarding an Autumn programme.

In the absence of the Village Hall Treasurer – there were no up to date accounts available. Clerk asked if the invoices for the tables; chairs and door had been revised in order that the VAT can be reimbursed.

Resolved: As the Treasurer was not present – item to be deferred – in the meantime, clerk will email Treasurer with a reminder.

Cllr Javens confirmed that the matter of replacement of the fire escape was in hand and a new Contractor had been approached.

7. MINUTES OF PARISH COUNCIL MEETING held on Tuesday 14th July 2017 were unanimously agreed as being a true record and these were adopted and signed by the Chairman.

8. PLANNING – No update on Ordnance Close re-direction request.

Planning 172266 – Unit G Moreton Business Park – signage and logos – no objections raised.

The Beeches planning approval – Vice Chairman Spong reiterated her concerns about visibility and asked that further discussion be included on the next agenda.

9. PLAY PARK REPORT – updates on:
(9.1) Update Annual Playground Inspection – Frances White.

As the Inspector still had not visited the Play Park, Fran White visited the park on an informal basis and did a general inspection together with Steve Brown and Cllr Styles – but that no official report was issued.

Please see below an abridged copy of her email read out at the meeting.

I met Steve and Richard at the playground last Tuesday, and we walked round all the equipment, which in general, is in a very well-maintained condition. The village is lucky to have such dedicated staff looking out for the playground!

There will inevitably be minor problems that the inspector will pick up, but some are caused by design faults, and others are low or very low risk, but please be reassured that there is nothing highly dangerous on your playgrounds at the moment, as far as I can see, which has to be proof that good maintenance pays off!

We will now wait for the annual inspection which is promised before September.

(9.2) There was a lengthy discussion on the recently vandalised equipment during which it was confirmed that in June 2016 the Parish Council had agreed by majority vote that no further funds would be made available to replace vandalised equipment. It was agreed, at the time, that the funding would be available for repair and making equipment safe and a budget of £400 was allocated in the 2017-18 precept budget.

Further to discussion during the Open Session – it was agreed that this piece of equipment could be repaired and there was no need to make an insurance claim at this time. It was also agreed to purchase Barrier Cleaner to stop moss growth – cost approx. £30.00

There are various trees in the Play Park that may have to be felled – one very large ask tree may be diseased. It was agreed that if this is the case, the proceeds from the sale of the wood would go to support the Park Maintenance Fund and not into the main parish accounts as in previous years.

(9.3) Update on Ross Tree Services quote

To date Ross Tree Services have not quoted on the overhanging tree in the play park – however, this work may be linked into work undertaken at the Sub Station – but yet to be agreed.

(9.4) Current photos on the exposed zip wire chain were again discussed and Cllr Spong and Cllr Styles to liaise with regard to a possible temporary repair.

The Tesco Bags of Help plaque had been received – and it was agreed that it would be appropriate for a photo to be taken of this on the Zip wire/swings but then removed into the village hall for display purposes.

Steve Browne offered to organise this and report back to the next meeting.

(10.1) Highways report – The Locality Steward was again asked to provide the details on what the “intervention levels” are for Balfour Beatty to fill in potholes & are the “intervention levels” Balfour Beatty’s or Herefordshire Councils?

The email below was received and had already been circulated to the Parish Council together with photographic evidence.

When inspecting and logging defects Stewards now follow the new Highway Maintenance Plan formulated by Both Balfour Beatty and Hereford Council. We take a risk based approach when identifying and logging defects and I have attached the risk matrix which we use when inspecting. Cedar Close as a whole has been recorded as a Cat 2 C .

I have also included some photos of the defects I logged for lengthsman repair on Cedar Close. These can be repaired by the Parish as part of the enhanced lengthsman scheme. As the photos taken this morning show, while the area as a whole is uneven the defects aren’t particularly large and are a perfect size for the 6mm material used by the lengthsman. Balfour Beatty tend to use 10mm material so defects need to be larger in order to carry out a satisfactory repair.

It was decided to defer any decision with regard to funding the lengthsman to undertake this work until the next meeting.

(10.2) Hedges 27 and 63 St Peter’s Close – no update available

Resolved: Clerk to send reminder to Chairman.

(10.3) Sub Station trees – Ross Tree Services have quoted £150 for the small tree and £280 for the larger tree. They recommend they are completely felled as pollarding leaves the possibility of having the face the same problem of overgrowth in a couple of years’ time.

Clerk had been asked to enquire from the Locality Steward the present situation on funding for tree work and if felling was acceptable in this instance – please see email response which was read out at the meeting.

I can confirm that Balfour Beatty only have budgets to carry out works to trees where the stock is either dead, diseased or dangerous. When I initially inspected some 12 months ago the self-seeded tree was in good health but understanding the concerns of the Parish regarding future growth, and subject to Parish and adjacent neighbour’s agreement, I am happy for the Parish to self-fund some active management of the trees.
As long as all residents are in agreement I have no objection to the removal of the trees.
Ross tree services will need to inform Western Power who may wish to pay a site visit as the trees lie next to their asset.
As with the previous tree works in St Peters Close – all responsibility / liability for these works will remain with the Parish.

It was noted that the adjoining neighbour to the substation had recently removed a fence to extend his garden during a party. The Chairman had visited on behalf of the Parish Council and had been reassured that the fence would be replaced. However, although the fence is in position it has not been securely fixed to date.

Resolved: As these two issues are linked and, in the absence of the Chairman, it was agreed to defer this item until the next meeting.

(10.4) Update on Summer Fete – very successful although not as well attended as had been hoped – £510 was raised. Item discussed under item 6 – village hall report.

(10.5) Footpath Officer reported all in good order at the moment

(a) Update on Purchase of additional dog bin – Chairman had agreed to speak with Alison Adams with regard to suitable positioning of a new bin.

Resolved: As Chairman was unavailable to comment – item to be deferred until next meeting.

In the meantime, Clerk to ask D C Gardening for a purchase price of a new bin; post and erection and to ask him when next in the village to have a look and see where he thinks the bin would be best placed.

Resolved: Clerk to liaise with D C Gardening

(11.1) Payments since last meeting – none

(11.2) A schedule of payments had been circulated. It was unanimously agreed to pay all outstanding invoices. An additional cheque was raised for £50.00 for the St Andrews Church Poppy Wreath to be forwarded to the Treasure, Robert Taplin.

12. LENGTHSMAN SCHEME – no work sheet for August.

(12.1) Confirmation that 1st quarter claim for lengthsman and P3 scheme has been claimed and £375.00 reimbursed.

AGENDA – not for discussion

Deferred items: The Beeches; Kiosk/Defibrillator; Bridge repairs; Play Park subcommittee; VAT reimbursement Village Hall invoices; substation trees; pot holes Cedar Close; substation neighbour’s fence; extra dog bin; 27 and 63 hedges.

14. DATE of next meeting: Tuesday 5th September 2017

Apologies from Cllr B Jackson

Vice Chairman Spong closed the meeting at 9.05p.m.